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PW Audio No.5 Headphone Upgrade Cable

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Founder Peter Wong once said is there really no one voice聲音Do I find it pleasing? Do you want to create a sound that pleases me聲sound?」So in 2010, PWAudio was born. The pursuit is the sound聲音The persistent desire is to make users feel the most original sound音The emotion brought by joy。The concept of PWAudio has been slowly engraved in the persistence until now, and it is produced by hand,In the soul of every product that achieves the best quality, I hope to be able to communicate with users者Share and feel this feeling together。Over the years, PWAudio has created a lot of achievements that it once thought was beyond its reach.及All kinds of black technologies developed by the advancement of且多Years of insisting on the quality玩家的In my heart, I slowly borrowed from the unnamed headphone upgrade line manufacturer Yijian壹躍So far, it has become a personal audio-visual brand that is widely welcomed and expected by the world.。And there are countless well-known headphone brands that have cooperated with each other.界Cooperate with you to create your own exclusive music field for you妳再The first time to get the original touch of music。We look forward to the day when I will be able to share PWAudio's 的sound。

It is not easy for a brand to continuously develop and improve every five weeks周This year, PWAudio will develop a commemorative edition with the most cost-effectiveGiving back to fans is also a record of milestones for PWAudio錄。The 10th anniversary of the 5th anniversary edition's No.5 has been well received年Time No.10 is another city to wait and see for the next anniversary年The line will bring a breakthrough to the market。
The No.5 conductor is made of four-core 7N Ritz oxygen-free copper wire and wrapped with PVC material, which has good conductivity and good skin effect.效應也Lower is more conducive to improving the sound quality. It can strengthen the middle and low frequency vocals, and the sound orientation of the tube amplifier is easy and comfortable.向輕鬆自But listen。
There is also a NO.5 8-core upgraded version, the thickness of the vocal texture and the details are improved for more and more natural更自然。
Wire material enameled single crystal copper銅4 cores/8 cores
Outer skin material PVCC
Wire body specification 26AWGG