• - "Bushi" valuable Trade In redemption plan plus code-

    To give back to Hong Kong users who have supported HIDIZS for many years, the Hong Kong agent will upgrade the "Pickup" valuable Trade In redemption plan and increase the code to help users upgrade their players放器。

    Trade inDetails
    Now, if you buy a HIDIZS AP80 or AP80 Pro (Bronze/Stainless Steel Edition) with a second Trade In at the HIDIZS designated point of sale in Hong Kong, you can recycle your old player in HK to buy the HIDIZS AP80 Pro-X Copper Edition (priced at $2,499) after deducting the recycling price ) Part B 乙部

    Trade in models
    HIDIZS AP80 red copper plate
    HIDIZS AP80 Stainless Steel
    HIDIZS AP80 Pro Copper Edition
    HIDIZS AP80 Pro Stainless Steel

    Details and purchase