Led by the famous headphone engineer Dale Lott, SPEAR Labs from the United States has been innovating the new in-ear headphones TRINITY in the matching of material application units. Using the newly developed SHOCKWAVE 2.0 technology, the 14.2mm extra large moving coil unit and the 4 moving iron units are more balanced. The shell has also been upgraded to a three-in-one combination of Argentium Silver Trillium CARC coating, plus two panels are chosen to pursue noble texture and high sound quality, taking into account the consistent brand hand-made style. Limited production of 10 pairs per month shows its preciousness  10  對,可見其珍貴之處。


    TRINITY Product Highlights

    24K Gold Plated Silver Front and CARC Carbon Ceramic Coated Silver Front Options

    The main body is made of Trillium alloy fused with titanium beryllium aluminum合而成

    The outer layer is coated with CARC carbon ceramic coating, which is not easy to peel off and has military grade hardness數

    SHOCKWAVE 2.0 Technology 14.2mm giant moving coil unit with 4 moving iron units平衡

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  • 64 Audio 12th Anniversary Edition - Fourté Blanc

    The final solution of the tia structure, the anniversary limited edition earphone Fourté Blanc officially debuts The inside and outside of the Fourté Blanc have been re-examined and incorporated into various meticulous improvements and adjustments. The unit and three tia moving iron units that have been paired and calibrated are connected to the first connection point of the signal path of the moving coil unit with a single copper wire of Cardas Grade 1 (Ultra), and the full tia system is combined to form an efficient and potential acoustic combination.潛力巨大的的聲學組合。

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