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iBasso IT01X In-Ear Headphones

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【Double-sided beryllium plated diaphragm + brass speaker cavity】
In-ear dynamic headphones
1. Brass cavity + double cavity ~ high density brass speaker cavity
2. Double-sided beryllium-coated diaphragm ~ interprets high frequencies
3. 3D three-dimensional cantilever ~ split vibration to eliminate invisible
4. Customized high magnetic flux NdFeB magnets ~ surging dynamic and stunning
5. MMCX audiophile-grade replaceable cables ~ HiFi sound quality at your fingertips
6. Use professional sound aesthetic insights to create beautiful dynamic headphones
7. Comfortable wearing effect ~ like never wearing
8. Metallic paint from luxury cars ~ make the earphones more star-studded
1️⃣Brass cavity + double cavity
High Density Brass Speaker Cavity
Different from other earphones with iron unit cavity, IT01X selects brass to create moving coil speaker. The brass density is higher, which can effectively reduce resonance, reduce distortion, keep the sound pure, and bring rich and powerful low frequency and delicate and moving mid frequency.細膩動人的中頻。
Helmholtz resonant double cavity
The unique Mholtz resonance dual-chamber has a deeper low-frequency dive and elastic absorption of high-frequency standing waves, making the sound more mellow and durable, and the mid-low frequency is rich, full, and surging,洶湧澎湃。
Double-sided beryllium diaphragm
Deduce the high frequency
Magnesium-coated, aluminum-coated, and titanium-coated on the diaphragm, we made countless attempts and finally chose the double-sided beryllium-coated beryllium for IT01X. The density of beryllium is only 1/2 of the weight of titanium, which is easy to drive. Wider frequency bandwidth and high frequency extension have obvious advantages寬更廣,高頻延伸優勢明顯。
3D three-dimensional cantilever
Divide the vibration to eliminate the invisible
IT01X adopts 3D three-dimensional cantilever design to accurately calculate the cantilever slot, which is twice as large as that of ordinary earphones, which can effectively suppress the vibration of unit division, reduce distortion, further improve the purity of sound, and give you a transparent and melodious listening experience.揚的聆聽體驗。
Customized High Magnetic Flux NdFeB Magnets
Surging dynamic is amazing
The IT01X unit magnet is composed of customized high-performance NdFeB magnets. It has a higher magnetic flux than ordinary earphones. The thin double-sided beryllium-plated diaphragm gives the earphones a strong sense of energy. Excellent dynamic effects and transient response瞬態回應。
Audiophile-grade replaceable cable
HiFi sound quality at your fingertips
MMCX interchangeable cable interface design High-purity oxygen-free copper main wire base winding silver-plated wire mask layer Come to pure HiFi enjoyment的HiFi享受。
6️⃣Aesthetic Insights with Professional Sound
Create beautiful dynamic earphones
Albasso has been deeply involved in the HiFi field for 15 years, and has accumulated rich experience in tuning from player decoding amps to headphones. On IT01X, it not only brings together the new technology update of moving coil units such as brass speaker cavity double-sided beryllium-plated diaphragm 3D three-dimensional cantilever. Condensed Albasso's unique insight into sound aesthetics, after a long tuning work, it finally turned into an amazing single dynamic earphone令人驚喜的單動圈耳機。
comfortable wearing effect
as if never worn
Since the first self-developed earphone IT03, we have also put the design concept of wearing priority in the first place while pursuing sound quality. IT01X follows the ergonomic design, exquisite and compact, which greatly reduces the pressure of wearing, and passive noise reduction is also very brilliant.動降噪也十分出彩。
Metallic paint from luxury cars
Make the headset more star-studded
The earphone shell is made of metal paint film of the same level as imported luxury cars. It has good toughness and self-cleaning. The appearance is smooth and moist. The material is delicate and skin-friendly.現令人愉悅的視覺盛宴。
Frequency Response Range: 10Hz-40kHz
Sensitivity: 108+/-2dB
Impedance 16 ohmm
Passive noise reduction: -26dB
Distortion <1% (at 1kHz /1mW))
Plug Size: 3.5mm TRS Gold Plated
Wire length: 1.2m
Weight 7g without wire重量)