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FiiO LC-RD PRO (High Purity Sterling Silver Interchangeable Plug Headphone Upgrade Cable ~ 8 Strands of 224 Cores)

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【High-purity single crystal sterling silver ~ 8 strands of 224 cores ~ FiiO LC-RD PRO]

FiiO LC-RD PRO (High Purity Sterling Silver Interchangeable Plug Headphone Upgrade Cable) High Purity Sterling Silver Material | PVD Stainless Steel MMCX Elbow | 8 Strands of 224 Cores | Ritz Structure Braided Straight Insert Twist Lock Interchangeable Audio Plug | Imported from Germany TPU outer quilt |"left blue right red"convenient design


1. High-purity single crystal sterling silver material ~ excellent electrical conductivity, with fine resolution

2. PVD stainless steel MMCX elbow ~ medical grade stainless steel, extraordinary texture after PVD treatment

3. 8 strands of 224 cores ~ multi-core blessing, full-speed transmission of every audio detail

4. Ritz structure braid ~ reduce eddy current loss and improve high frequency resolution

5. In-line twist-lock replaceable audio plug~ Standard replaceable 2.5/3.5/4.4mm audio plug

6. Germany imported TPU outer quilt ~ effectively improve the phenomenon of yellowing and low temperature hardening after long-term use

1. Delicate and clean~ High purity sterling silver material

LC-RD Pro uses high-purity single crystal sterling silver material as the wire base; sterling silver material not only has excellent electrical conductivity, but also has a very delicate sound resolution, restoring a purer and more natural sound.

2. Process upgrade~ PVD stainless steel MMCX elbow

The LC-RD Pro adopts the design of the inflatable MMCX elbow, which provides a strong guarantee for the reliability of the wire. At the same time, it uses medical grade 316L stainless steel as the material of the headphone connector. After PVD electroplating process, it is round and wear-resistant, with an extraordinary texture.

3. Full speed transmission ~ 8 strands of 224 cores

LC-RD Pro is made of 4 small branch cores woven into 1 small strand, and then twisted into 1 large strand from 7 small strands. The total number of 8 large strands is as high as 224, which transmits every audio detail at full speed. High-purity sterling silver/ insulating layer/ imported TPU quilt

4. More professional~ Ritz structure weaving

The 224 cores of LC-RD Pro are single-braided, and the Ritz structure is braided. Based on the principles of skin effect and proximity effect, the surface area of the current passing through the conductor is increased, the eddy current loss is reduced, and the high-frequency resolution is improved.

5. Match as you like~ In-line twist-lock interchangeable audio plug

LC-RD Pro adopts the design of in-line twist-lock interchangeable audio plugs. According to the interface of its own audio player, the 3.5 single-ended/2.5 balanced/4.4 balanced audio plugs can be replaced. *The patent of the interchangeable audio plug is authorized by FABRILOUS

6. Best quilt~ Germany imported TPU quilt

To make the wire body more transparent and bright, the new black translucent wire body color scheme is deep and stable; the wire material is made of transparent TPU environmental protection material imported from Germany, which can effectively improve the phenomenon of yellowing of the wire body and hardening in low temperature environment caused by long-term use.

7. Quick identification ~"Left Blue Right Red"design The thoughtful"Left Blue Right Red"convenient identification design can quickly start every musical journey.

Specifications:Model:LC-RD Pro Wear:Ear-hook material:High-purity single crystal sterling silver Number of cores:8 strands, 224 in total:Transparent TPU imported from Germany Headphone connector:Expansion standard MMCX headphone connector Audio plug:Standard 3.5 single-ended/2.5 balanced/4.4 balanced interchangeable plug