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DUNU Kima High Performance DLC Diaphragm Dynamic Headphones

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High Performance DLC Diaphragm Dynamic Headphones
Product focus:
N52 NdFeB strong magnetic system Resonance suppression dual cavity Excellent acoustic index
Front and rear cavity airflow micro-control High-density alloy shell High-purity single crystal copper silver-plated wire
 Asymmetrically split with K-shaped convex lines
The panel of Kima is divided into four asymmetric inclined surfaces by K-shaped convex line to enhance the visual perception of three-dimensional stereoscopic effect, and the reflective texture of metal presents different light and shadow effects at different angles影效果。
Metal cavity with both texture and performance
The high-density alloy material is melted and casted, and then undergoes multiple processes such as fine carving, repairing and grinding, and the specially selected surface sandblasting particles are clear and delicate to the touch.定的聲學性能。
 Musical instrument-grade brass gold-plated acoustic conduits stably transmit natural sound effects Thick gold-plated anti-oxidation layer effectively inhibits brass oxidation氧化。
High-performance dual-cavity DLC dynamic unit
Kima is equipped with a 10mm high-performance dual-cavity moving coil unit, a new generation of DLC material diaphragm N52 NdFeB strong magnetic system, high-tension ultra-fine voice coil wire resonance suppression dual-cavity...a collection of many precision acoustic configurations in Kima's free and natural tuning with powerful acoustic performance自然的調音。
New generation DLC diaphragm with improved process
A new generation of DLC (diamond-like carbon) material diaphragm application Improved DLC low-temperature deposition process Compared with traditional DLC, it has better deposition uniformity, effectively enhances diaphragm rigidity and damping characteristics, greatly reduces harmonic distortion, and further optimizes acoustic performance. for precise and efficient更為精准高效。
Suppress harmonics inside and outside the double cavity
The special moving coil unit with an independent inner cavity cooperates with the alloy outer cavity with stable acoustic performance and the sound-absorbing structure inside to control excess clutter reflection and output pure and natural sound然音色。
 High-quality wiring beyond the price point
Standard four strands of high-purity single-crystal copper silver-plated wires ensure high-efficiency transmission and ensure sound quality; the Litz knot is loose, and the conductor is covered with an insulating layer for less interference and a pure sound floor底純凈。
Standard 0.78 2Pin pins are compatible with a wide range of convenience; custom high-transparency pin molds add red marks on the right side to quickly distinguish pins on both sides兩側插針。
 Candy Eartips
DUNU self-developed brand-new earmuffs use flexible silicone outer umbrella sound guide tube to thicken to enhance support; can provide a better sense of atmosphere and vocal density密度。
S&S Eartips (Stage & Studio
DUNU's self-developed brand new earmuffs are made of ultra-soft silicone as a whole. The outer umbrella and the tube are all straight walls, which can bring better sound field performance to the earphones and provide studio-level restoration performance.還原表現。
 DUNU Kima Price: $780
Headphone Specifications:
Unit: diamond-like material diaphragm dual-cavity moving coil; N52 NdFeB strong magnetic system Shell: high-density alloy material
Conduit: Brass gold-plated acoustic conduit
Net weight: 15 grams
Impedance: 32Qat1kHz
Sensitivity: 108+1dBat1kHz
Frequency response: 5Hz-40kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.3% at 1kHz
Wire specifications:
Wire: Four strands of high-purity single-product copper-plated silver wire
Cable length: 1.2m+0.1m
Pin: 0.78 2Pin
Plug: 3.5mm single ended