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Aune BU2 (R2R dynamic volume technology, four independent balanced dual decoding amp)

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🔥A good voice ~ big tail巴”‼
💥Aune BU2 (R2R dynamic volume technology four independent balanced dual decoding amp))
Aune BU22️⃣3️⃣9️⃣8️⃣
First batch of gifts:
a. Lighting to Type C Adapter
b. 2.4 to 4.4 transfer female socket
c. A pair of high-quality straps
1. HD Bluetooth 5.0 (SBC/AAC/aptX/aptX HD) mastering decoding balanced output (2.5 + 3.5mm)m)
2. Turn your phone into a master-level balanced player in seconds
3. Targeted tuning according to Bluetooth characteristics
4. Direct 32bit/768kDSD512 mastering level decoding capability力
5. Dual-core ES9318 decoding chip four-way independent amp放
6. Clock synchronization technology makes the sound more natural然
7. One-button shuttle control is more convenient捷
8. R2R dynamic volume technology background pitch black, low volume dynamic and uncompressed壓縮
9. Low noise floor, low distortion, and complete discovery畢現
10. Natural and musical tuning is accurate and true實
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1. HD bluetooth mastering decoding balanced output輸出
aune B series new generation portable bluetooth balanced decoding amp all-in-one machine integrates the classic B1 single-turn dual positive and negative voltage power supply dual-core decoding four-channel amp in a compact size. The powerful core is a HiFi decoding amp that focuses on sound quality解碼耳放。
2. Why use HiFi player? After connecting the mobile phone to the BU2 via USB, it becomes a mastering-level player in seconds. Open Apple Music/Kuke Music and other massive streaming media libraries to carry the music live with you場隨身攜帶。
3. So beautiful~ Well, Bluetooth is also beautiful動聽。
Mobile phone/PAD/computer can be connected to BU2 through Bluetooth to play high-definition music, connected to HiFi earbuds, and wonderful music is like a shadow. BU2 performs targeted tuning according to Bluetooth characteristics, so that Bluetooth can also be so beautiful如此動聽。
4. Bluetooth is not happy~ Wired is more exciting彩
The desktop computer or MacBook can directly access 32bit/768k DSD512 master-level decoding capability after connecting to BU2 via USB, so that the computer can display the high-definition music scene現場。
5. Dual-core decoding chip four-way independent amp ~ squeeze every potential of earplugs能
BU2 uses the classic B1 pump power supply low ripple positive and negative power supply circuit to provide a steady stream of power for the amp, two ES9318 parallel decoding and four independent amps make your HiFi earplugs full of blood血營業。
6. Clock synchronization technology ~ more natural sound
BU2 uses two low-jitter 45M/49M crystals to synchronize with the two decoding chips through a USB chip. The sound is natural, delicate and durable膩,耐聽。
7. One-button shuttle ~ more convenient control
BU2 uses a combined rotary controller to complete all settings and controls simple and convenient,便捷。
8. R2R dynamic volume technology ~ dark background, low volume dynamic and uncompressed縮
BU2 innovatively adopts dynamic volume control technology composed of electronic switches and R2R resistors. At low volume, the R2R resistor array intervenes to accurately match the resistance value to control the subtle volume SNR.人聲順滑細膩。
9. The indicators can really hit ~ low noise and low distortion髮畢現
Carefully designed and optimized many times, the noise floor of BU2 is as low as 3.16uVTHD+N as low as 0.000145%. It is a balanced decoding amp with excellent indicators.解碼耳放。
10. Natural Musical Tuning ~ Accurate and True
Natural and musical Reproduce every frame with real instrument performance and understanding based on musical content, calibrated on-site with reference equipment一幀。
Maximum bit depth: 32bit
Maximum sampling rate: 768k
Maximum DSD rate (native mode): DSD512
Amp output
Output level: 1.8Vrms@3.5mm/ 3.6Vrms@2.5mm
Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise: 0.000145%
Signal to noise ratio: -120dB
Frequency response 20Hz-20kHz: 0.5dB5dB
2.5mm balanced port: 265mW@32Ω
3.5mm port: 100mW@32Ω
Use time: 9 hours in USB decoding mode式)
Product Accessories: Host 1 / USB Charging Cable 1 / Dual Type C Data Cable 1 / Quick Guide 1指南×1