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TangZu Nezha|Nezha electret electrostatic in-ear headphones

TangZu Nezha|Nezha electret electrostatic in-ear headphones

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In the fourth quarter of 2023, TangZu announced a new audiophile-grade in-ear headphone model Nezha with 6 moving irons + 1 piezoelectric ceramic unit. It is also the brand's first in-ear headset made entirely of resin.

Nezha is a key product of Tangzu. In addition to using the famous Sonion subwoofer moving iron unit and precision electret electrostatic unit, it also adds the brand's unique customized moving iron unit to harmoniously present the essence of Nezha. Showing the brand's precise strength in developing high-quality products, we hope that Nezha can bring users a rich, delicate and warm listening experience.

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Electret electrostatic unit + moving iron unit
Combining the electret electrostatic unit, Tangzu's latest customized moving iron unit and Sonion's moving iron unit enhances the dynamics and details of the sound, providing a more coordinated and balanced tone. The integration of these technologies effectively reduces distortion, greatly improves the overall performance of the headphones, and provides users with the most audiophile experience.

Medical grade resin shell
The outer shell is made of medical-grade resin, which is hypoallergenic and durable. In addition to better sound insulation, it also provides users with a more comfortable wearing feel. In order to improve quality control, the acoustic structural components are seamlessly connected to the cabinet, allowing for better connection between the units and making the sound more precise, consistent and dense.

Q-IAO sound dividing technology
Q-IAO represents a groundbreaking crossover technology that allocates more audio frequency band to each unit than all currently available crossover technologies. This approach establishes a very broad multi-channel path, allowing engineers to precisely set the frequency range, resulting in highly accurate audio response while increasing coordination between different units.

Hand layered metal sheets
In order to increase the visual effect, the team carefully laid electroplated aluminum sheets between the resin layers and placed a gold-plated aluminum logo to show the philosophy of Nezha rising from the flaming lotus. This also shows the team's focus on manufacturing and design. Precision and detail into every detail.

Moving iron unit x6
Electret electrostatic unit x1

Frequency response


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