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radius TWF00 | 2DD | UIEM

radius TWF00 | 2DD | UIEM

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Titanium coatingDiaphragm

The titanium-coated diaphragm is used in the bass section of the DDM driver. Due to the high propagation speed and high rigidity of titanium, the stable performance in a wide frequency band achieves excellent transient bass and extended high range.高音域。

Ceramic PiezoelectricDiaphragm

There is a sound guide hole from the woofer in the center of the circular ceramic piezoelectric unit, which occupies 90% of the diameter of the diaphragm%,Effective areaCompared with the conventional quadrilateral, the sound pressure of the tweeter is increased and the frequency characteristics are stabilized特性。

Hi-Res Headphones Doburube Anteruruu”

Doburube is a DDM system driver that divides two mid-low frequency and high-frequency sounds into independent diaphragms and uses a double diaphragm matrix in a coaxial arrangement. The tweeter of the Doburube Anteruru uses a piezoelectric ceramic diaphragm, even when listening to Hi-Res sound sources in the ultra-high range The tiny sound source signal can also be transmitted to the diaphragm made of high-rigidity nickel alloy to achieve high-definition sound reproduction實現高清聲音再現。


Deep inset ear gel

Different from traditional ear gel, the deep embedded ear gel fits the ear better, providing a stable fit and rich bass低音。

Interchangeable nylon wire

The interchangeable wire sheath of the MMCX interface is coated with nylon braid with a high-density construction for excellent flexibility and elasticity彈性。


unit: Two-unit moving coil unit Φ9.5mm (beryllium coating) + Piezo UnitΦ10.5mm
output sensitivity:
Frequency response:
headphone cable: Interchangeable MMCX 3.5mm

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