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PWaudio 10th Anniversary - MOJO 4.4mm Adapter

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PW Audio 4.4mm Adapter
1️⃣Pw audio 4.4mm adapter uses simultaneous 2.5mm + 3.5mm ground wire output and converts to 4.4mm balanced head衡頭💯Therefore, it has extremely high audio filtering and original audio retention features, allowing you to enjoy the original taste of the original sound, reducing a large number of interference signals in the audio conversion process.號
2️⃣Wire is also not a general material‼️‼️28AWG compressed copper material Extruded copper is used for internal wires))🦾🦾 , and the terminal model is also divided into two layers specially made✌🏻The outer layer is made of CNC aluminum material, and the inner layer is made of 3D resin material.成
3️⃣The adapter design is also very considerate😌Both in-line and L-shaped are available to facilitate the insertion requirements of different Players求💁🏻‍♂️And supports most different Player brands on the market😆😆
The distance between the output port of the equipment is accurately measured, the inner layer is professionally 3D printed, and the CNC aluminum shell is accurate without deviation. Then, the inner wire of the machine is welded by hand to perfectly fit your Mojo2. There are two parts. welding)!0s焊接)!