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OXS S2 Thunder Lite Gaming All-in-One Soundbar

OXS S2 Thunder Lite Gaming All-in-One Soundbar

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~ Original Hong Kong licensed product, enjoys 1-year warranty from Hong Kong agent ~

OXS is committed to delivering immersive audio experiences for home theater and gaming, and Thunder Lite is no exception. Equipped with two full-range drivers and bass tube, this soundbar delivers powerful, precise sound that greatly enhances gaming and movie-like experiences.

Virtual surround sound with intelligent fine-tuning creates a sense of depth and immersive theater, allowing users to feel "right there" and immersed in the scene. Additionally, this feature is designed to fit into any home entertainment setup. With the OXS Thunder Lite Gaming Slim Soundbar, you can truly enhance your home entertainment experience.

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The OXS Thunder Lite is a truly impressive audio device, capable of delivering a wide range of frequencies and powerful sound. With dual full-range drivers and bass tubes, it can easily cover frequencies from 60Hz to 20kHz, ensuring every note and beat is heard clearly. With peak power of up to 80 watts, the device produces an incredibly captivating audio experience, immersing listeners in rich, detailed and deep sound. Thunder Lite is unique in that it achieves such high-quality audio without the need for an additional subwoofer, making it a convenient and comprehensive solution for any audio enthusiast.

Unique virtual surround sound mode
Make transitions between environments effortless and ensure an immersive audio experience. Whether playing games, watching movies, or just listening to music and videos, users can seamlessly switch between these activities with the touch of a button or using the remote control. This ensures superior sound quality effortlessly fills every corner of a comfortable room, enhancing the overall audio experience and creating a truly captivating ambience.

The OXS Thunder Lite has an impressive feature that sets it apart from other gaming headsets: virtual surround sound with 2.0 audio channels. Designed specifically for FPS and RTS games, this innovative technology provides gamers with vital information about their enemy's whereabouts, giving them a significant advantage.

Whether it’s pinpointing footsteps or detecting the direction of gunshots, OXS Thunder Lite’s spatial sound feature can elevate the gaming experience to a whole new level. For RTS games, the headset's immersive sound quality brings players into the heart of the game, bringing it to life like never before. With OXS Thunder Lite, gamers can look forward to an extraordinary gaming experience.

With multiple connectivity options and compatibility, the Thunder Lite Soundbar provides gamers with a versatile solution. Whether you're an Xbox gamer, PlayStation enthusiast, or mobile geek, this soundbar is perfect for enhancing your gaming experience. Its powerful features deliver immersive, dynamic sound that brings games to life. Whether playing intense action games or exploring immersive virtual worlds, the Thunder Lite soundbar ensures every sound is clear and impactful. With the ability to connect to a variety of devices, this soundbar truly caters to the diverse needs of gamers, making it a great addition to any gaming setup.

Thunder Lite offers a variety of connectivity options, making it incredibly versatile when connecting multiple devices. Featuring TV ARC, optical fiber, USB, AUX and Bluetooth 5.0 capabilities, this soundbar is an all-in-one audio center. Whether you're playing games, watching movies, streaming music, or doing other activities, this soundbar ensures a great audio experience. Its rich connectivity options seamlessly integrate with different devices, providing users with flexibility and convenience. .
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