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LETSHUOER Cadenza 4 in-ear headphones

LETSHUOER Cadenza 4 in-ear headphones

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⚪The legacy of the flagship model
Cadenza 4 is a lightweight version of the flagship model Cadenza 12 launched by LETSHUOER a while ago. Although the unit is missing and the body is lighter, it still brings high analysis and warm tuning, full of air and timbre details.感及音色細節。

⚪New dual-chamber beryllium-plated dynamic coil
A new 10mm large-diameter beryllium-plated diaphragm moving coil unit is used. The beryllium-plated diaphragm has the characteristics of being light, thin and extremely rigid. It can reduce distortion and greatly increase the transmission speed, making the headphones easier to drive.易驅動。
Presenting a more natural sound and a loose and textured low-frequency atmosphere, highlighting the detailed performance of the sound. Listening to the female voice, relaxing sketches and youth-style music are more pleasant to the ear.為悅耳動聽。

⚪Combined with Sonion x Knowles high-end moving iron
Cadenza 4 has a built-in 1 Sonion speaker armature and 2 Knowles armatures. It combines the advantageous frequency bands of each unit to adjust the most precise and detailed sound and frequency division to improve the sound density. The mid-frequency performance and details of the high-frequency extension are natural and bright.自然明亮。

⚪Nanoacoustic catheter
Four-way electronic frequency division and precise frequency band connection

⚪Customized 3D printing engineering cavity
Light and comfortable as if it were nothing

🤍Bright and pure
🪶Feather-light weightless listening experience
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