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FiiO R7 Hong Kong version (desktop high-definition digital broadcast decoding and headphone amplifier all-in-one) comes with an exclusive base

FiiO R7 Hong Kong version (desktop high-definition digital broadcast decoding and headphone amplifier all-in-one) comes with an exclusive base

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Complete input and output interface Four-level output mode supports eight working modes including Roon Ready DC/AC dual power supply ES9068AS+THX AAA 788+*2 Audio architecture Five-level gain mode 3W high-power vertical screen streaming media digital broadcast design Qualcomm 660 + Android 10 Customized RGB light independent network port design personalized system screensaver exclusive DP mode dual USB port design | 雙USB口設計

FiiO HiFi Desktop 1.0

1. Complete input and output interface, all-round desktop HiFi center

The input and output interface beyond your imagination brings powerful expansion connection capabilities to R7, helping you quickly build a new desktop HiFi system with R7 as the core.系統。


Front 6.35mm headphone output interface 4.4mm balanced headphone output interface Four-core XLR balanced headphone output interface面



SD card slot: standard TF card holder supports up to 2T SD/TF card卡

RCA line output interface*2

USB HOST interface supports USB external output and can be connected to an external decoder/hard disk, small keyboard/expansion HUB, etc.等

Standard optical fiber input interface

Standard optical fiber output interface

Three-core XLR balanced line output interface

Ethernet interface can be connected to an external network cable for networking

Type-C interface (USB 3.0) supports data exchange and can also be used for DP output USB DAC and USB HOST related functions功能

WiFi/Bluetooth antenna

AC/DC power switch

DC power input port external DC power supply supports 12V-3A specifications格

The AC power input port uses AC power supply by default and is compatible with global voltages of 100V~240V.壓

Standard coaxial output interface

Standard coaxial input interface


2. Rich output modes are available with just one click.達

No need to unplug and turn the knob to switch between PO/LO/PRE OUT/PO+PRE OUT. The four output modes make you more comfortable. PO Only the front audio interface has output LO Only the rear audio interface has output. Fixed design Maximum value PRE OUT Only rear audio The interface has adjustable output volume. PO+PRE OUT default position. Front audio interface output + rear audio interface output volume is adjustable.出+背面音訊介面輸出(音量可調)


3. Multiple modes and multiple good experiences驗

Android mode allows you to freely use third-party apps and enjoy major streaming apps. Pure sound mode is exclusive to FiiO. Pure sound mode allows you to immerse yourself in music enjoyment. USB DAC mode connects to a computer/mobile phone to act as a decoder, greatly improving the listening experience. Bluetooth reception mode supports LDAC/SBC/AAC reception for convenient listening. Good Sound AirPlay receiving mode wirelessly connects to iPhone/iPad and other iOS devices. Sound quality improves. Roon Ready mode. Roon Ready certified equipment turns you into a professional player in seconds. Coaxial/optical decoding mode. R7 transforms into a professional decoder by receiving coaxial/optical signal input./光纖信號輸入,R7搖身一變為專業解碼器。


4. Easy to use and comfortable to use手

The ease with which everyone can use it makes R7 unique. When you use the streaming app to listen online, you can seamlessly switch the output mode and switch between headphones or speakers without any sense. You can also choose to play locally or receive mobile phone signals through Bluetooth. With memory and SD card slot, Bluetooth reception, supports HD format, R7 can do everythingR7樣樣都能勝任。


*R7 has a standard SD card slot and comes standard with a TF card sleeve that supports up to 2T SD/TF cards. R7 supports Bluetooth 5.0. Bluetooth reception supports SBC/AAC/LDAC. Bluetooth transmission supports SBC/AAC/aptX/aptX HD/LDAC/LHDC.LHDC。


R7+ headphones

Connect the R7 to FT3 and other headphones through the XLR balanced output headphone port, 4.4mm balanced output headphone port, and 6.3mm single-ended headphone port, and the original music is always in your ears.刻在耳邊。


R7+ active speaker

Connect the R7 to SP3 or other active speakers through the於美妙的音樂中。



Use R7 as the desktop HiFi center to connect headphones and speakers at the same time. Turn the knob to switch the output mode and easily switch listening devices. Easy to use and good-sounding standards are all up to you. PO-headphones PRE OUT-speakers PO+PRE OUT-headphones + speakers synchronized output Voice機+音箱(同步出聲)


Advanced experience goes one step further步

If you want to unlock more ways to play, you can make full use of the USB-A port of the R7 to use a USB HUB external hard drive or multimedia keypad KB1 to bring a more convenient desktop HiFi experience.i體驗。


R7+speaker+headphones+HUB+mobile hard drive+KB1 small keyboard

The mobile hard drive can store a large amount of lossless music for you. The KB1 small keyboard provides you with an incredible tactile feel and you can listen to your favorite tracks on the hard drive. Use KB1 to quickly switch songs, adjust the volume, and switch the output mode. The operating experience is once again improved. Desktop listening will be completely different from now on.聽音從此大不同。


5. Remote control and listening聽

If you want to listen to music in a different position, both FiiO Music and Bluetooth remote controls can help you control music playback from a distance. You can handle various complex operations with ease, allowing you to experience the benefits of unrestricted audio and video. *FiiO will launch a customized universal player Bluetooth remote control in the future device牙遙控器。


6. Complete desktop HiFi system!

Professional players come on the scene. With the support of KB1 small keyboard and linear power supply PL50, they can unleash the full potential of R7 and enjoy various enthusiast-level operating experiences. FiiO desktop HiFi system is complete統完全體!


R7+speaker+headphones+HUB+mobile hard drive+KB1 small keyboard+NAS+linear power supply PL50


It’s time for you to show off your skills. Connect R7 to the NAS music server. You can play all the songs on the network server through DLNA. As R7 is a Roon Ready certified device, you can also play songs on NAS computers and other ROON CORE through ROON. This is far from enough. When you use R7 as an online music player, the DLNA function is very useful. It supports the transformation of songs on the SD/TF card inside the R7 and the hard drive mounted on the R7 through DLNA transmission. Internet music server方式,變身為網路音樂伺服器。


7. FiiO HiFi table set version 1.0

From getting started to advancing to the complete FiiO, with R7 as the desktop HiFi center, it brings you a complete desktop HiFi system solution. It also has many product blessings that enhance the listening experience and usage experience, opening up a new horizon for you to build a HiFi desk.搭全新視野。


8. Hard power comes with sound”俱來

The fourth-generation FPGA clock phase-locked loop + two femtosecond-level crystal oscillators provide a high-precision and low-jitter unified clock source. The audio stream is more pure and stable.穩定。


Hard core information architecture

R7 uses an ES9068AS DAC chip and two sets of THX AAA 788+ headphone amplifier technology. It is also equipped with multiple audio-specific electronic switches. To coordinate with the electronic switches, there are four expensive Japanese Panasonic chip multi-layer metallized PPS film capacitors. The materials are selected only to output purer sound and bring you more realistic audio performance.實的音訊表現。


Five-speed gain mode 3W high power率

R7 supports low/medium/high/big ear mode/super big ear mode. Five gain modes. The maximum output power is up to 3W under the condition of 32Ω in super big ear mode. It can easily drive low-impedance headphones and high-impedance big ears.阻大耳。


9. Electricity is the mother of sound

DC/AC dual power supply design R7 has a built-in 30W switching power supply and adopts a filter purification circuit composed of an ultra-large-capacity choke coil and a dedicated high-voltage capacitor in the AC input circuit. The DC power supply part adopts a 12V high-voltage power supply design. The power supply is powerful and the sound is more surging. At the same time, R7 Compatible with external DC power interface, it can be used with FiiO linear power supply PL50 or other adapter power supplies to use pure music background to make audio details clearer and audible *External DC power supply supports 12V-3A specification支援12V-3A規格


The first-class filtered and purified power supply composed of up to 12 470uF tantalum capacitors can further reduce power supply noise. Not only that, the specially designed metal cover locks the transformer on the power board to reduce the jitter of the power module. Brings more stable output穩定的輸出。


Multiple independent LDO power supplies adopt multi-stage voltage stabilization and filtering to adopt hierarchical power supply according to the analog signal process. Each stage uses a large number of low-noise LDOs for voltage stabilization to continuously provide stable and pure power.的電源。


10. From simplicity to richness富

As you can see, R7 has core functions such as digital broadcasting/streaming media playback/decoder/headphone amp/preamplifier. The functions that were previously only available when multiple devices were stacked are cleverly integrated into a compact and compact machine to satisfy your rich listening needs. At the same time, R7 has strong upgradeability, scalability and playability, allowing you to continuously explore R7’s gameplay in terms of listening, matching sound sources, and selecting external devices to fully utilize R7’s outstanding capabilities.法,盡數施展R7的出眾能力。


11. Bold design awakens exploration索

We have been thinking about what kind of streaming media player is suitable for use in a small space on the desktop. We have explored various forms, including horizontal screen, vertical screen, top screen, flip screen, rotating screen, etc. For each form, we have made a prototype to ensure that each form is suitable for use. You can personally experience its advantages and disadvantages. After comparing the actual experiences in a large number of different usage scenarios, we boldly decided that R7 adopts a vertical screen design and integrates outstanding capabilities into a compact size. It is a brand new desktop HiFi experience.煥然一新的桌面HiFi體驗。


12. Vertical screen experience brings innovative heights度

With the support of the unique 5.0-inch high-definition vertical screen and the Android open system, you can fully experience major streaming apps and third-party applications on R7, which is better than ever before. Your usage habits are protected by FiiOiO 呵護。


13. Interpret the beauty of desktop HiFi with detailed design美

Place the sunny and square R7 on the desktop. The unique desktop HiFi culture comes to life. The vertical screen format saves a lot of desktop space. It is refreshing and beautiful. It comes standard with full cover and XLR dust cover to protect listening and vision. Many side honeycomb cooling openings are designed for both heat dissipation. Effects and technological beauty. The recessed back panel design is elegant. The wiring eliminates clutter. Low-visibility WiFi/Bluetooth antenna. Simplicity and texture in the square inch. Customizable rotating RGB breathing light. Cool HiFi table set. Gorgeous and eye-catching.GB呼吸燈,炫酷HiFi桌搭絢麗奪目。


14. Excellent in all aspects彩

1. Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 ~ fine core tuning and silky smooth control滑操控

2. Android 10 ~ Directly install massive third-party applications for a mobile-like experience驗

3. Independent 100M network port ~ eliminate interference from WiFi transmission and enjoy high-speed and stable audio-visual experience驗

4. Personalized system screensaver ~ Interchangeable dial clock space FiiO sheep digital clock時鐘

5. Dual USB port design ~ Development expert

6. 5G + 2.4G dual-band Wi-Fi ~ faster and more stable transmission rate

7. Knob RGB breathing light ~ Customizable lighting effect, brightness and working status狀態

8. Touch buttons ~ Three major touch buttons can be customized

9. Exclusive DP mode ~ immersively enjoy MV and movies on an external display screen TV賞電影

10. Professional digital turntable ~ Optical/coaxial/USB output interface for external higher-end decoders


Basic specifications:

Color Black/White White version is expected to be launched around March 2023. Main controller Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 DAC chip ES9068AS Headphone amplifier THX AAA 788+ *2 Support specifications 384kHz-32bitDSD256 USB type Type C USB3.0USB-A 5.0-inch full-fit screen FHD+ high definition display output power 1 L+R3200mW+3200mW (32ΩTHD+N1% super big ear mode) Output power 2 L+R630mW+630mW (300ΩTHD+N1% super big ear mode) Frequency response 20Hz~90kHz-3dB Signal-to-noise ratio 122dBA Weighted noise floor LO1.5μV (A-weighted); PO4μV (A-weighted); BAL LO2.4μV (A-weighted) BAL5.5μV (A-weighted) Output impedance: 1Ω32Ω load THD+N0.0004%1kHz/ 32kΩ Dimensions 110160134mm Weight 1.3kg:≤0.0004%(1kHz/32kΩ) 尺寸:110×160×134mm 重量:1.3kg

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