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FiiO Q11 Portable Headphone Amplifier

FiiO Q11 Portable Headphone Amplifier

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Listening to streaming media Q11 is more than enough餘
In order for you to enjoy streaming lossless music without worry, we have equipped Q11 with a high-performance DAC CS43198 dual op-amp, high-precision crystal and low-noise power supply system, making Q11 support up to 384kHz/32bit PCM decoding and DSD256.D256。

We also consider that you have many earbuds on hand. With our exquisite design and repeated polishing, the Q11 balanced output power is as high as 650mW, and with the adjustment of high and low gain, you can make full use of them.發揮所長。

In addition to its excellent performance, Q11 also has many features that support interconnection with the FiiO Control APP, filter settings and other functions. The volume knob also has a power on and off function. The tuning is precise and has a silky feel and comfortable damping. The ambient light window design is full of technology.計,科技感十足。

【FiiO Q11 - 3.5 + 4.4mm portable decoding ear amplifier】
High-performance DAC CS43198PCM 384kHz/32bitDSD256 650mW high-power ambient light window design 2600mAh large battery 3.5mm4.4mm output interface high and low gain高低兩檔增益。
  • Powerful performance and accurate analysis ~ High-performance DAC CS431988
  • Understand your detailed design~ Switch volume knob + two levels of gain
  • Ideal sound is available anytime ~ Balanced output power up to 650mWW
  • Long battery life and peace of mind ~ Large-capacity lithium battery with a battery life of over 13 hours池
  • Sampling rate audio format shows off new perceptions~ Original atmosphere light window design設計
  • Mobile phone HiFi companion~ Standard silicone bundle set and OTG cable
  • Comprehensive texture ~ Full metal body and mirror interface
  • Single-ended balanced switching at will~ Standard 3.5mm / 4.4mm output interface format格

feature of product
Listening to HiFi sound on your mobile phone is never a problem題
There are more streaming media apps and lossless sound quality. The new mobile phone lacks the standard headphone jack and has a small tail and has battery anxiety. Now the Q11 combines high performance and long battery life. It is light and can be carried away, making you want to listen to more HiFi music when you go out. HiFi 音樂。

A moving first and a hidden secret妙
The exquisite design of the acoustic circuit, the careful selection of the acoustic components, and the repeated polishing of the acoustic tuning are just to present pure music to you. This is the original intention of Born For Music.意便如此。

The intersection of beauty and texture creates a perfect sound and shape佳
The appropriately compact figure ensures that Q11 is compatible with most mobile phones on the market. The blend of the mirror and the all-metal body is elegant and black, embellished with double gold labels, and can be held in the hand. The straight and smooth lines feel, and all-round comfort makes people feel more comfortable.,讓人倍感舒心。

Portable high power with sound and color色
The balanced output power is up to 650mW, and the combination of high and low gain can drive high and low impedance headphones with ease, providing ideal sound anytime you want.隨聽隨到。

Good stuff and good sounds are all needed.要
Thanks to the high-performance DAC CS43198 dual op-amp high-precision crystal and low-noise power supply system Q11, it has more accurate analysis capabilities and can present you with a more magnificent dynamic listening experience and a more realistic feeling.更具臨場感。

Long battery life and peace of mind心
For work, commuting, weekend travel, and listening to music anytime, anywhere, the Q11’s built-in large-capacity lithium battery gives you peace of mind from leaving the house to returning home.池給到你。

Open the ambient light window and enter the colorful HiFi world界
The eye-catching ambient light window design allows you to listen to every beautiful song together. The colorful lights not only illuminate the corresponding sampling rate and DSD format, but also reveal the beauty of technological innovation.新之美。

Mainstream interface is just what you want意
The 3.5mm single-ended 4.4mm balanced output interface is embedded in the eye-catching gold ring, allowing you to listen to music with more playability and more sound details.節表現。

Exquisite fusion of two-in-one knobs合
The volume knob also has an on/off function for precise tuning and simultaneous activation. The silky feel and comfortable damping are amazing.歎不已。

DAC chip

Connection terminal
USB Type-C
Unbalanced 3.5mmm
Balanced 4.4mmm
Support audio formats
PCM 32bit/384kHzDSD 2566
Output Power
32Ω / unbalanced 165mWW
32Ω / balanced 650mWW

signal-to-noise ratio
32Ω / A-weighted / unbalanced 122dBdB
32Ω / A-weighted / Balanced 125dBdB
total harmonic distortion
1kHz / 32Ω / unbalanced 0.0006%6%
1kHz / 32Ω / Balanced 0.0006%6%

Noise floor
Output impedance
32Ω / unbalanced 1.2Ω2Ω
32Ω / balanced 2Ω2Ω
battery capacity
2600mAh lithium battery
play time
about 13 hours
Approx. 60.5 x 105.7 x 16 mm
About 150 g
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