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Erua Vidar Ultra-One OTG cable 10cm

Erua Vidar Ultra-One OTG cable 10cm

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Pure and Quiet – ERUA Audio Vidar Ultra One OTG cable 🤩

There is Vidar in the name, but it is actually a cable tailored for all OTG portable tails.

Ultra-One, based on the Vidar golden ratio OFC wire core of the copper emperor, and improved on the original shielding layer design of Vidar, the internal structure is more complex:the wire from the inside to the outside, there are 4 independently insulated Litz wire cores , The outside is covered with a customized ultra-thin PE layer, and then covered with Vidar's native copper silver-plated shielding mesh to achieve the most complete anti-interference ability, enhance signal transmission efficiency, and make your connected equipment perform better.

In addition to structural considerations, each internal wire core independently corresponds to power supply and signal transmission, which greatly reduces internal interference; the plugs at both ends are connected with ERUA's own gold and silver solder, which ensures the transmission speed and brings a unique and charming charm.

Uncompromising in all aspects allows Ultra-One to have the ultimate background performance. At the same time, the design also allows the Lightning version to have a larger current output, which fully meets the power supply needs of today's portable USB ear amplifiers!

The perfect signal transmission bridge, now you can have it too~ In order to let everyone have a taste of the unique charm of Ultra One, the first batch of customers will be able to buy it at a discounted price of $699 (original price $899). !

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