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Eletech Raphael|Raphael headphone upgrade cable

Eletech Raphael|Raphael headphone upgrade cable

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Raphael| Raphael━
Raphael's design is inspired by the famous painter Raphael, one of the "Three Masters of the Renaissance". He painted masterpieces of murals such as "The School of Athens" and "Mount Parnas" in the confidential interior of the Apostolic Palace in the Vatican. , and later completed the work "Portrait of Three Virtues" in 1511 AD. Eletech incorporates Raphael's delicate control of lines, colors, and composition philosophy at an artistic level into the wire.

feature of product

Copper gold-plated mixed gold copper alloy dual conductor design
Raphael combines the experience accumulated by Eletech in making flagship wires. The wire core structure is changed from the most common seven-strand litz wire core to the geometric braiding design of nine-strand litz wires used in high-end wires. Each group of litz wires consists of nine litz wires. The single crystal copper gold-plated and gold-copper alloy wire cores are braided together. The wire cores are arranged in multiple geometries to ensure that the resistance of each wire core remains consistent, improve the extension strength and durability of each wire core, and at the same time improve the wire core. Density makes the sound appear smoother and more natural. Eletech also adds an independent insulated conductor coating to each wire core, which can effectively isolate electromagnetic interference and leakage current in the wire, reduce coupling interference between wires, provide a cleaner and smoother signal transmission environment, and improve the signal noise of headphones. ratio and reduce background noise.

​Leisurely bright eyes, fresh and elegant
The overall sound of Raphael is bright and shiny, with a concentrated sound density and a pure, thick and smooth mid-range. The vocals are obviously sweeter and rounder, but without the feeling of being over-exaggerated. Different from ordinary gold-plated copper and copper alloy wires, it not only retains the clear image of mid- and high-frequency, but also adds a sense of diffusion to the low frequency, plus a broad and bright sound field, and has highly analytical sound characteristics, which is especially suitable for listening. Some jazz or vocal pieces make you feel like you are immersed in the scene, enjoying the immersive feeling brought by every note.

25.5AWG, 4 skein braid

Dual conductor design - extremely high purity OCC single crystal copper gold plated single crystal copper + gold copper alloy

9 Strands Litz Wire; Kevlar Filling

-196°C ultra-low temperature freezing treatment

Customized splitters and plugs

Individually insulated conductor coating

FlexiMax Insulation wire sheath

Plug selection (headphone side)
2-Pin / 0.78mm / CIEM, MMCX

Plug selection (source side)
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