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E AUDIO Neon Genesis Evangelion EVA EARPHONE 001

E AUDIO Neon Genesis Evangelion EVA EARPHONE 001

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Hong Kong headphone earwire brand E Audio

For the first time, we cooperated with Animation Studio to launch a joint brand of Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Announced the"replaceable cord combination three-unit headphone", loading EVA design into the headphones and headphone cable,

Let us enter the world of EVANGELION,

Enjoy the new co-branded premium headphone cables and audiophile-grade headphones.

*EVA EARPHONE - 01 (Unit No. 1)*

Made of fully hand-woven wire

Aluminum alloy panel with special color for Unit 1

Unit configuration:2 moving coils and 1 moving iron



Frequency response:20-22khz

Pin interface:0.78mm 2pin

3.5mm/4.4mm head


Headphones:Use a new aluminum alloy panel and screws to experience a mechanical feel. Formulate a new dual moving coil unit + high-end moving iron unit. Wires can be replaced freely using the 0.7cm female base. Entirely assembled by hand.

Ear wire wire:fully hand-woven, using the latest weaving technology, thick and thin mixed series 4 thick wires (purple) + 4 thin wires (green), combined with the latest customized aluminum alloy accessories to perfectly combine the sense of layering and enhance visual art.

Price in Hong Kong is $899

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