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Brise Audio SHIROGANE 8wire-Ultimate headphone upgrade cable

Brise Audio SHIROGANE 8wire-Ultimate headphone upgrade cable

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Ordering takes about 10 to 12 weeks, and the actual situation may be delayed depending on the factory's order situation (no changes or cancellations are allowed after the order is placed and paid)

Brise Audio's first original pure silver wire series named after "Shirogane" (silver), using high-performance pure silver wire and the industry's leading shielding technology, using the same conductor structure of 49 strands per core as YATONO Ultimate, to create The brand's new SHIROGANE-Ultimate wire series, which is softer and more elastic, is available in 4-twist and 8-twist styles. In order to ensure the quality of the wire and the difficulty of making traditional silver wire, the production time is extremely long, so it is only produced in limited quantities.

feature of product

BriseAudio Portable Audio Cable Ultimate high quality processing (silver wire cable)
The type of wire material is the same as the content of the cable. The image of the Brise Audio Ultimate グレードのケーブルに part adopts the される standard high-quality processing structure.

SHIROGANE debuts, high-quality processing of high-quality silver wire exclusively available. Two kinds of new materials are used, and the silver thread is designed in the maximum possible direction.

The debut of the silver thread is the high-quality processing of the full-length high-definition wire. BS シートやCNT (カーボンナノチューブ) and electromagnetic wave absorbing シールド material are adopted. Two new materials are added, expanded time is a trial and error test, and a new material is completed.従来の银线にEmbraceく sound quality tendency からimaginationしdifficultyい音に事上がったとconceitしております.

Ultimate グレード専用に开発されたcompromiseを Xuさないパーツgroup
Ultimate グレードで新のパーツ群は、新たに得られたノウハウをAdditional investmentしchangeなるtimeとコストをcompromiseすることなくし开発いたしました. The sound quality is excellent, and the quality is very high.

Silver thread Ultimate グレードに adopts のケーブルスライダーは, OFC sharpened り出し&ジュエリーquality の18KWG (ホワイトゴールド)コーティングで世上げております.これは, sound quality surface においてもeffect があり, 様々な material・form・surface official げなどを comparison して adjustment しております. Shishang がりに关しましてもKEったpart of でもあります.

The ear hooks are made of shape-holding materials and are made of the same material.
The sound quality is evaluated and the materials are selected and the special treatment is applied.これにより, around the ear りのtake り回 しと sound quality の両面をBranch えることがpossible になりました.

High performance and high purity silver conductor

Conductor construction

Special processing
SHIROGANE-Ultimate Processing

Special high-performance resin

Line length

Plug selection (headphone side)
MMCX, 2-Pin / 0.78mm / CIEM, Pentaconn Ear, IPX, MMCX for Sony (IER-M7 / IER-M9 / IER-Z1R), MMCX for Sennheiser ( IE900 / IE600 / IE300 ) , A2DC , FitEar

Plug selection (source side)
2.5mm , 4.4mm, 3.5mm
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