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Astell&Kern UW100 MKII true wireless headphones

Astell&Kern UW100 MKII true wireless headphones

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【Create the ultimate original sound new experience】
With the design concept of depicting the stars and creating an infinite universe with music, Astell&Kern, a Korean audiophile audio brand, due to its unique design and pursuit of first-class sound quality, Astell&Kern adheres to the concept and continues to research and develop its own true wireless headphone series to create two Daimu AK UW100MKII implements the original sound concept, allowing you to feel the beauty of the soul of music when enjoying music.

feature of product

The sound quality is once again upgraded to AKM 32bit ultimate Hi-Fi sound quality
In order to reproduce the most authentic original sound of Astell & Kern, AK UW100MKII is equipped with 32Bit DAC decoding, which is difficult to achieve on true wireless headphones, and has a full-range balanced driver that can accurately reproduce sound and high-quality audio. The highest level of decoding is not only able to process instruments and vocals so that every detail is clearly audible, but also has a strong sense of energy. And compared with the previous generation UW100, it presents a richer sense of music layering, and can provide excellent Hi-Fi sound quality even in a wireless configuration.

New design of unit location to improve perfection
Astell&Kern strives for perfection and further improves the highly praised TWS design of AK UW100. The new generation design is born UW100Mkii, which is also equipped with a full-range moving iron unit. However, in order to achieve a more excellent sound quality experience, Astell&Kern redesigned the unit position and the BA driver is more Close to the ear canal, it delivers fine audio details more directly, thus providing higher restoration and clearer sound performance. Coupled with the new BA driver position adjustment, the acoustic cavity structure and mesh size have been redesigned to provide the best sound performance. The design has gone through many attempts to provide a more delicate, dynamic performance and richer high-frequency performance.

The highest level of noise reduction PNI technology gives you an immersive music experience
Astell&Kern believes that ANC is not necessary to reduce background noise and enhance music focus, so the AK UW100MKII, developed through countless simulations, is equipped with the most advanced passive noise reduction PNI technology. Unlike general ANC, which focuses on canceling low-frequency noise, PNI is known for its excellent noise reduction performance, which can not only effectively eliminate noise in the mid-to-high frequency range, but also minimize noise on a physical level. Noise is attenuated through the structure of the earbuds rather than through software, which can completely eliminate noise caused by ANC and sound distortion, retaining sound quality. The sound performance is clearer and more separated, allowing users to enjoy complete music immersion.

Enjoy music all day long with added power and battery life
Astell&Kern has redesigned the new generation AK UW100MKII, improved dual-circuit flow management, improved battery life and playback time, allowing ten minutes of charging and one hour of playback. In terms of battery life, the headphones can play continuously for up to 9.5 hours, which is 3 hours more than the previous generation. The maximum playback time is up to 29 hours, allowing you to listen to music for a long time without worrying about battery issues. It also comes with five different sizes of ear gels for the best fit.

Challenging the Limits Appearance Redesign
The AK UW100MKII charging box has been redesigned, and the new generation is smaller in size than the previous generation, but still weighs the same. It maintains the size of the eargels while significantly reducing the charging box. The key is that the core sound quality is not sacrificed. Even when carrying it on daily outings, not only do you feel the weight of the headphones, but they are also more portable.

Convenient life supports multi-point connections
In order to make daily use more convenient for audiophiles, AK UW100MKII supports multi-pairing and multi-point connection functions, allowing the headset to connect to two devices at the same time. Not only can you easily switch to a connection with another mobile device, but you can also listen to songs playing on another device by actively allowing notification calls from your smartphone.

Easily adjust your own tone style
Through Astell&Kern's dedicated TWS mobile app, you can set the EQ according to your preferences, select the four-level Ambient Stage level transparent environment mode, control the panel, understand the battery status of the headphones, and more. If the user wants to hear ambient sounds, just tap the left side, which allows you to easily switch between the four ambient modes in the app.

Powerful performance and sound quality stand out
AK UW100MKII uses the top-level Qualcomm QCC5141, Bluetooth chipset to achieve powerful wireless performance, and supports aptX™ Adaptive technology, so that latency problems can be improved. In addition, it supports 32Bit DAC decoding and Bluetooth 5.2 to achieve better connection effects and bring user experience.

Bluetooth chip
Qualcomm 5141

Knowles moving iron unit

digital to analog converter

Bluetooth version

audio format
SBC|AAC|aptX™ Adaptive

Bluetooth specification

94dB (1m@1kHz)

Headphone control
capacitive touch

proximity sensor

Two microphones on each side

play time
Headphones: about 9.5 hours
Headphones + charging case: about 29 hours

Support iOS and Android

Headphones : about 7g
Charging box : about 65g

Headphones : 22.2 x 21.2 x 22.8 mm
Charging box : 72 x 32 x 34 mm
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