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Sennheiser HD 600 頭戴式耳機

Sennheiser HD 600 頭戴式耳機

定價 $321.90 USD
定價 $378.73 USD 售價 $321.90 USD
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~原裝香港行貨,享有香港代理 2 年保養~

HD 600 是一款發燒級的開放式動態高保真 / 專業立體聲耳機。先進的隔膜設計消除了駐波,從而產生乾淨的聲音,沒有偽影和聲學干擾。HD 600 是高保真音響或專用聆聽室的絕佳補充,是全球音樂製作工程師的最愛。

HD 600 是高解析音質、開放式動圈設計的高階耳機型號之一。先進的振膜設計降低了振膜材質所導致的不規則形變,降低失真。HD 600 可以直接連接到最高解析的 Hi-Fi 播放機系統上,此款耳機也是專業錄音工程師錄製古典音樂的理想選擇。耳機頭帶支架採用高雅黑灰色,外型典雅,頭帶設計可分散壓力,可長時間配戴,開放式耳罩外側是金屬網罩設計,透過外面即可看到內部的耳機單體結構,優化的釹磁鐵單體,可以帶來自然寬鬆的聽感,可換線設計,增加多種搭配可能性。

  • 高品質的開放式金屬網格柵提供極其透明的聲音
  • 計算機優化的磁鐵系統可最大限度地減少諧波和互調失真
  • 極輕的鋁質音圈確保出色的瞬態響應
  • 釹鐵磁系統確保最佳的靈敏度和出色的動態響應
  • 非常自然,空間和準確的聲音
  • 可拆卸的OFC銅纜音源線
  • 堅固耐用

X-Ray Specs
The HD 600 was developed to give audiophiles an impartial scale of everything before it in the audio chain. Purpose-built to vanish when the listener presses “play”, the HD 600 is the benchmark reference headphone for both analyzing and enjoying your hi-fi setup. This disappearing act starts with an innovative, systematic approach to sound reproduction using transparency as the driving principle. Leveraging Sennheiser’s progressive production techniques and computer-based transducer optimization, it perfectly fuses the art of sound with the science of it.

Opening Up Your Mind
The foundation of the HD 600 transducer system is an acoustically transparent open-back earcup that lets every single sound wave expand freely—a Sennheiser innovation pioneered and perfected for the most natural personal listening experience. Sound emanating from our exclusive 42mm driver is free from turbulence and distortion thanks to a specialized acoustic silk that controls airflow—one of the finest materials available for this task—while requiring hand assembly. By using ultralight aluminum voice coils, the 38mm diaphragm exhibits rapid rest and response times for clinical detail that never sounds harsh or hyped. Across the entire audible spectrum of sound, this combination of driver size and integrity delivers an articulate response that is honest to the source—the kind of listening experience required to absorb the details with confidence. The 300-ohm impedance of the HD 600 presents a unified backdrop that allows the nuances in your music collection to leap forward like you have never heard before. Each transducer is measured against rigid standards for consistent performance across the entire frequency spectrum in both channels. By reducing variances between left and right channels, the headphone reproduces mastering-grade sound independent of room acoustics or loudspeaker positioning.

Quality Control
We worked tirelessly to build a headphone with the luxurious comfort and lasting durability audiophiles demand. The velour HD 600 padding is supple to the touch for extended listening at your hi-fi stack. Even the earcup grille pattern was crafted specifically for this transducer system, guaranteeing a pristine personal sound experience. The HD 600 is assembled in Ireland at a state-of-the-art production facility with the attention to detail required to handle a wide variety of acoustic materials. Our production tolerances are extremely tight, ensuring that your HD 600 experience is consistent with those all over the globe, whenever or wherever it was purchased. For example, the resonators feature stainless steel mesh to guarantee uniform performance after manufacturing. Most parts on the HD 600 are modular, making it a dream to keep operational as the go-to reference headphones regardless of your listening space’s acoustics.

It’s All About Connection
Your HD 600 comes with a detachable, impedance-matched cable with ultra-low capacitance. The ¼-inch / 6.3mm stereo connector offers the audiophile-standard plug for connection to devices such as headphone amplifiers and A/V receivers, digital audio players, analog gear, and more. At 9.8 feet / 3m long, it offers unencumbered listening on gear deep within your shelves or in a favorite listening chair. A premium adapter is included to reduce the 6.3mm to 3.5mm / ⅛-inch for plugging into countless other audio devices.


12 - 40500 Hz

97 dB


6.0 N ± 1 N

3.5 mm / 6.3mm 立體聲鍍金插頭