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ZuperDAC MAX product specifications

  • ESS Saber 9281ACPRO high-performance SoC audio decoding
  • Support PCM 32bit/768kHzDSD512 and MQA hard decoding解
  • 3.5mm single-ended or 4.4mm balanced high power output
  • AndroidiOSLinuxmacOS and Windows 10/11 plug and play插即用
  • Comes with USB-C cable and USB-A conversion plug [the first batch comes with a Lightning to USB-C conversion cable]
  • High specifications with SNR @ 120dB and THD+N @ 0.0003%


First batch of player benefits

ZuperDAC MAX's cable-swappable design allows users to replace USB-C or Lightning cables by themselves. The first 50 users will receive a Lightning USB-C cable worth $149 to easily connect to iPhone/iPad products and easily experience high-quality music.體驗高品質音樂。

Greatly improve your portable listening experience with Zorloo ZuperDAC MAX portable decoding ear amplifier碼耳擴

Listening to music on mobile phones has become the new normal, and it is another good choice besides portable DAP players. Just add a simple plug-in decoding ear amplifier to your mobile phone. Over time, users will naturally have higher requirements for such products. Continuously improving Zorloo, which has launched the very famous Ztella series of MQA decoding conversion cables, has launched a new ZuperDAC MAX. It has both 3.5mm and 4.4mm outputs and can also support USB-C USB-A and Lightning connection and decoding by changing the cable. The same specifications have been further improved.,解碼同規格都進一步提升。


Specifications have been improved again


Zorloo's Ztella to Ztella II decoder ear amplifier conversion cable launched in recent years provides a more pleasant listening experience for many Android or USB-C devices. The new third-generation design ZuperDAC MAX inherits the same design concept and implements it in the smallest form factor. The highest performance new generation decoding ear amplifier conversion cable supports MQA and Hi-Res Lossless audio up to DSD512. For the first time, it integrates 3.5mm and 4.4mm sockets in one device, and the source end adopts a replaceable cable design with USB-C and USB -A Conversion Plug The first batch of extra Lightning to USB-C adapter cables can definitely satisfy most mobile phones on the market and even tablets and computers to easily enhance listening enjoyment.電腦,輕鬆提升聆聽享受。



(This is a schematic diagram of the USB-C and Lightning cables included with the product)



Powerful music support

Although the body of ZuperDAC MAX is indeed larger than Ztella and Ztella II, its functions and design have been improved beyond imagination. The core of the matte black aluminum alloy body uses the ESS Saber 9281ACPRO decoding chip, which has the highest sampling rate. Supports PCM 768kHz and DSD 22.5MHzDSD512, and has a built-in MQA Renderer for a smaller body. The renderer can fully decode and enjoy MQA music files and even TIDAL Master high-specification streaming music.L Master 高規格串流音樂。


Hardware solutions MQA


The ESS Saber 9281ACPRO decoding chip with powerful support and processing capabilities allows ZuperDAC MAX to support Hi-Res standard music. For example, PCM sampling frequency is up to 768kHz, DSD sampling frequency is up to 22.5MHzDSD512, and MQA supports the second layer unfolding 2ND unfold, which means it can It decodes through hardware and also supports Bit-perfect technology, which further improves the sound quality of lossless streaming music. This is definitely a high-standard configuration for mobile devices.動裝置而言,這絕對是高規格配置。


Instant gain with one click


The compact body already has both 3.5mm single-ended and 4.4mm balanced outputs. The body is equipped with a gain button that allows you to choose 1Vrms and 3Vrms in single-ended or balanced mode, or 2Vrms and 5Vrms after boosting. The audio output level can meet different headphone loads and personal needs. In addition, the balanced output circuit design also takes into account the suppression of all unnecessary noise in the output path. Even mobile sources have a high-quality and quiet background. When 3.5mm and 4.4mm When connected at the same time, only 4.4mm will output有 4.4mm 會輸出)

The body is equipped with a sampling rate LED. It is blue when idle or below 48kHz, red when above 48kHz, and purple when playing MQA.紫紅色。

The gain LED will light green when the output gain is on.燈


Support popular models

As for the source side, the ZuperDAC MAX body is equipped with a USB-C socket with USB Audio Class 2 specifications. It comes with a USB-C cable, USB-A adapter and Lightning cable, which can basically be easily connected to most mobile phones, tablets or computers. Connect the audio output to headphones or other audio equipment on popular operating platforms such as iOS, Android, Linux, macOS and Windows 10/11, and supports software such as eXtream USB Audio Player, ProOnkyo HF Player, Audirvana, Tidal Desktop, Roonfoobar2000, and different music streaming platforms.00 等軟件,以及不同音樂串流平台。


Instant boost with one click

Although the body is very compact on the surface, the sound output by ZuperDAC MAX is very powerful. Even if the gain button is not turned on, the three-dimensional sense of analysis is very clear. The sound field is significantly improved and the background is dark enough when connected to 4.4 mm headphone cable has shown a sense of sound volume during balanced output. Of course, if you encounter high-impedance headphones or want to have more shocking bass, just press the boost button to instantly double the volume level output and enjoy the excitement. Texture電平輸出即時倍升,享受激拜的刺激質感。


ZuperDAC MAX productSpecification

DAC ear amplifier chip ESS 9281ACPRORO

USB AudioUSB2.0 Class 22

Host connection terminal USB Type-CC

Headphone terminal 4.4mm balanced 3.5mm unbalanced平衡

Supports up to PCM 32bit/768kHDSD512MQA Rendererrer

Maximum output 1Vrms / 2Vrms (3.5mm)3Vrms / 5Vrms (4.4mm)m)

Signal-to-noise ratio 120dB (3.5mm) 118dB (4.4mm)m)

THD+N0.0003% (3.5mm)0.0004% (4.4mm)m)

Frequency response 0-40kHz +/-0.005dBrAA

Support system AndroidiOSmacOSWindows 10/110/11

Dimensions 46 x 21.5 x 10.5mmm

Weight 15gg

Price $8999

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