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Zorloo Ztella II MQA decoding conversion cable (4.4mm balanced output)

Zorloo Ztella II MQA decoding conversion cable (4.4mm balanced output)

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Mobile phone computer easy to play 4.4mm balanced output Zorloo Ztella II MQA decoding conversion cable線

Enjoying high-quality music does not have to be the emperor at home. Now you can use the streaming music platform to listen to high-quality MQA music on your mobile phone and computer, but do you have fun and use these functions? Zorloo's new launch The Ztella II decoding and conversion cable is designed for all headphone players. It provides 4.4mm balanced output that is common in mid-to-high-end DAPs. More powerful output power allows everyone to directly connect to mobile phones and computers to enjoy the best sound quality機電腦,享受最佳音質。



Zorloo Ztella II Product Highlights

–              Market rare pure 4.4mm balanced output

–              3.3Vrms Boost Mode output for high demand headphones

–              Built-in ESS Sabre 9281ACPRO decoder chip shows every detail

–              Support MQA decoding DSD all Hi-Res formats Play all music files樂檔案

–              Support Android iOS PC MacOS all platform devices台裝置


4.4mm balanced output solves the problem of changing cables

Compared with the previous Ztella new product Ztella II, the biggest difference is the use of 4.4mm balanced output, so that most users who usually use DAP do not need to change the headphone cable or use a conversion plug, they can already connect their daily headphones to their mobile phones, iPads, and personal computers using USB Type C. Even just watching Youtube can let DAP users avoid the trouble of changing cables and headphones, and connect different mobile digital devices at any time駁不同流動數碼裝置。


Stronger decoding performance

Ztella II uses the more advanced ESS Sabre 9281ACPRO decoding chip to support 32bit/768kHz PCM 22.5MHz DSD. Basically, all Hi-Res digital music files that can be purchased can be perfectly supported and also support MQA decoding. If the computer is used for decoding, Tidal Audirvana and other programs can be played. MQA music If you use an Android phone, you can also support MQA after installing the App, and play the highest standard digital music on the smallest Ztella II.盡最高規格的數碼音樂。


Boost Mode Extra large output function

Boost Mode button


The ear expansion part is also greatly improved than the previous one. In addition to changing from unbalanced output to 4.4mm balanced output, the output power has also been enhanced to 2.2Vrms, which is more than enough for general in-ear headphones and produces a strong and clear sound. Just press the button on the cable body to turn it. For Boost Mode, the output power is immediately enhanced to 3.3Vrms. When using high-impedance headphones, the effect is immediate. You can feel its powerful driving force immediately.得到其強大的驅動力。

Boost Mode indicator light


Consistently lightweight and easy to use

Zorloo Ztella II is a conversion cable with built-in high-level decoding function. One end is USB Type C, and the other end is 4.4mm balanced headphone output USB-C. It is generally used in Android mobile phones and computers. iPad is already plug-and-play iPhone users can also use Lightning conversion plug. It can be used on iPhone through USB power supply and can be plug-and-play. The outer casing is made of fog black aluminum alloy. 長,插座細小,使用極之方便。


First purchase of Zorloo Ztella II users will receive a free OTG USB-C To Lightning adapter. Value of $149, iPhone users can easily experience the shock of MQA and Hi Res HD music. Limited to 100 pieces while supplies last件,送完即止。


Ztella II Product Specifications

Decoding chip ESS Sabre 9281ACPROO

Support decoding 32bit/768kHz PCM 22.5MHz DSDSD

Output Power 2.2Vrms 3.3Vrms Boost Modeode)

Signal-to-noise ratio 115dBB

Total Harmonic Distortion 0.0003%%

Weight 13.5gg

MSRP $8800

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