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VanNuys D938 headphone storage case

VanNuys D938 headphone storage case

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Made in Japan
Van Nuys brandPresident Mr. Saito specializes in the design and production of headphone DAP carrying bags. He knows how to flexibly use different materials to create various types of cases and carrying bags with the same excellent functions and appearance. The purpose is to provide first-class protection for the Walkman device. VanNuys chooses most bags. The bag surface is made of ballistic nylon, which is the material used in the US military's bulletproof vests. It is highly wear-resistant and has excellent durability.高度耐磨,耐用程度絕佳。

feature of product

VanNuys D938
This zipperThe feature of the earphone storage case is that it can be stored in yourbackTakes up very little space in the bag and protects headphones and cables線。


Slim design makes it easy to store inbackincluded in the package。

Wide opening allows easy storage even when cables are loosely tangled。

Note on usage

When opening and closing the zipper, be especially careful not to get headphone cables, etc. caught in the zipper. Open and close while pulling the slider outward or open and close slowly to avoid getting caught.免夾住Headphone cable。Never open and close it violently。
※Smaller headphone cables can easily get caught in zippers so use at your own risk險。

surface:1050D BallisticNigeriadragon
internal:W Polymesh

Size approx.約)
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