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VanNuys D761 front pocket with waist tool bag

VanNuys D761 front pocket with waist tool bag

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The base material of the main body is made of No. 6 canvas (paraffin wax processing), and the bottom is made of a mixed combination of American bulletproof vest surface material and military bulletproof nylon. A waist bag that ensures durability. The main compartment is tall enough to store a long wallet and has a front half-flap pocket that can store a large smartphone. There is a leather base at the front and rear center of the opening through which a strap can be threaded and can be opened and closed as needed using the strap with a stopper. Please use it in combination with the special fluffy box, main body hanging accessories, shoulder straps, etc. that can improve the protection performance of the option according to the storage items and usage scenarios.

General Specification

Body:(approximately) length 200 mm x width 130 mm xx crotch 50 mm
Front pocket:(approximately) length 150 (opening height) mm x width 100 mm x gusset 20 mm
Made in Japan
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