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Toxic cables Mamba 22 Mamba

Toxic cables Mamba 22 Mamba

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22AWG Type 6 7N OCC Cryo Silver Plated Copper Litz wire

Conductor:OCC 7N single crystal pure copper with silver plating

Wire Diameter:22 AWG

Structure: Litz Type 6 golden ratio structure

Approval color:black


Toxic cables are Head-fi’s most well-known and longest-running cables. It has been published in the discussion area for nearly 700 pages as early as 2011. Mamba is an updated copper-plated silver conductor upgrade line after Adder. It is plated with high-purity 7N pure copper on the surface. Silver, the conductor is super-cooled, and it is made of the highest-grade Litz type 6 structure with the golden ratio. On the basis of the excellent foundation of BW22 V3, the tuning is further enhanced through silver plating. The special ultra-thin coating makes the wire body softer, even for 22 AWG can also ensure the convenience of going out. The 2 Pin pins and the mmcx conductors are all gold-plated with antimony copper and super-cooled.

Hearing :

There is no general traditional silver-plated wire sound that presents a V -shaped double-headed and too bright and hard listening feeling. Based on the BW22 V3 , the sound of Mamba further makes the mid-high frequency extension more gorgeous and bright, and the mid-frequency is delicate, sweet and smooth. The sound is soft and not irritating. It is very listenable and has the low frequency of copper wire. It has a lot of details. Overall, it will be a very omnivorous wire.

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