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Toxic cables medusa 17 v2 medusa v2-2023 headphone upgrade cable

Toxic cables medusa 17 v2 medusa v2-2023 headphone upgrade cable

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British Toxic cables Medusa 17 V2 Medusa V2-2023 new line
•17 AWG Type 6 OCC Cryo Silver/Gold/gold plated sliver
•Conductor OCC gold and silver alloy mixed silver gold plating金
•Wire diameter: 17 AWG
•Structure Litz Type 6 Golden Ratio Structure構

Five years ago, Toxic released the revolutionary first 2 core 17awg thick wire diameter upgrade cable that shocked the market. It was specially designed for IEM in-ear headphones and the conductor was made of gold and silver alloy. It is one of the classic dual flagships. Medusa is still in the hearts of many audiophiles. After five years of R&D adjustments and the success of Phoenix V2, Toxic has finally been updated to the second generation. Compared with the Medusa generation, it has more silver and gold-plated conductors, a thicker inner core and a thicker shock absorber tube, thanks to the newly developed thin coating. Medusa is a brand new wire developed by Toxic with many years of experience in wire design. You may see imitations of the same name in the market that look similar or even different brands, but the conductors and structures are completely different. Both the 2 Pin pins and the mmcx conductor use antimony. Copper gold plating and ultra-cold treatmentx導體均使用銻銅鍍金加超冷處理。

Toxic Cables was founded in 2011 by two bosses, Frank Donghi and Mattabir Ali, in a factory in Collingwood House, London, England. Everything from design, tuning to finished products is handmade in the UK. The two wire geniuses collaborated as early as eight years ago. Create wires with gold and silver alloy conductors, Silver poison and Silver Widow seriesow系列。
It is no exaggeration to say that it is the most popular cable brand in Head-fi, the largest headphone forum in the world. There are nearly 700 pages of discussions. Frank and Matt also share design concepts with everyone from time to time. It is very popular. They build the best with uncompromising quality at reasonable prices. Cables are all about sound切都為了聲音。
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