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Toxic cables Gold Silver Poison V2(GSP) 8 WIRES

Toxic cables Gold Silver Poison V2(GSP) 8 WIRES

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British original import

UK Toxic cables Gold Silver Poison V2(GSP)

26AWG OCC Cryo Gold plated Silver/Gold

Conductor:OCC gold-silver alloy gold plated

Wire Diameter:26 AWG

Structure:Toxic golden ratio wire core design

Approval color:transparent


Silver Poison is the first gold-silver alloy conductor wire on the market. It originated from the beginning of Toxic's establishment. A small amount of gold (1%) conductor is added to the pure silver wire to fill the defects of the silver conductor material. The overall sound becomes fuller and the low frequency strength is also improved. Better, and Gold Poison is for this condition, and then gold-plated to reduce the skin effect. In the second half of 2020, it will be revised to V2, and the coating will be softer and not harder to harden. Toxic's special coating makes the wire body softer and easier to use when going out. , 2 Pin pins and mmcx conductors are gold-plated with antimony copper and supercooled.


If you like to listen to the full and sweet human voice in the mid-frequency, but maintain the high-frequency transparency, analytical power and 3D stereo sound field, you must try this one. , The high-density, warm, soft and smooth voice and the extended performance of the mid-high frequency end rhyme are generally rational and romantic and beautiful with some dreamy feeling. If you like to listen to human voices, it will definitely seduce people's hearts. Wire,

This line also has an 8 wire version that can be purchased, and the vocals are more poisonous.

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