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【Ghost】 Thieaudio GHOST Headphones

【Ghost】 Thieaudio GHOST Headphones

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- New and innovative 40 mm sapphire dynamic driver on a membrane stabilizer made of cermet ceramic metal composite laminated on a thermoplastic polymer聚合物。
- Redefine the tonal balance of your headphones and match it with uncompromising audio quality配。
- The tuning is calibrated to match the acoustics of the pinna and pinna of the human ear。
- Open design allows natural airflow through the unit’s external acoustic cavity。

GHOST features a new innovative 40mm sapphire dynamic driver. The basis of the unit is a new diaphragm consisting of a cermet-ceramic-metal composite layered on a thermoplastic polymer film stabilizer.料)組成。
After many composition tests, we selected a specific mixture of titanium alloy and polymer ceramic oxide for the cermet and then plated it through magnetron sputtering. Although it is very difficult, the vacuum magnetron sputtering process plating 30 layers molecule by molecule. of cermets to obtain ultra-thin but extremely precise 180nm flakes which are then cut to form our diaphragms成我們的震膜。

The resulting sapphire diaphragm has been extensively tested and measured to have a high average density of 1.4 g/cm3, a Young's modulus of 7.45 Pa, a driver reflection of 2301 ns, and an internal damping coefficient of 0.032 compared to the same polymer film plated with nickel. The Young's modulus of the graphene coating is only 5.82 Pa. The reflectivity is 2002 ns and the internal damping coefficient is 0.029. The Young's modulus of the graphene coating is 6.21 Pa. The reflectivity is 2162 ns and the internal damping coefficient is 0.027.尼係數為 0.027。
Qualitative listening is characterized by the extremely high responsiveness and transient clarity of the sapphire dynamic drivers and the power of the bass. In order to fully provide sufficient magnetic flux on the diaphragm, GHOST uses powerful N52 magnets. 磁鐵。
A new chapter in the THIEAUDIO headphone series
GHOST sets a new precedent in THIEAUDIO headphone audio engineering. Our overarching goal for the GHOST project was to redefine the tonal balance of headphones and match it with uncompromising audio quality. To achieve this goal we completely redesigned the acoustic airflow of the dynamic drivers. and its acoustic cavity to finely adjust the pressure on the diaphragm. Through countless tiny acoustic tuning modifications, we achieve a tonal balance that perfectly matches the perceived hearing of the human ear at every frequency interval.感知聽覺完美匹配。
Of particular note is that GHOST's tuning has been calibrated to match the acoustics of the pinna and pinna of the human ear. This delivers a vibrant and crisp bite to every instrument and vocal note without any harshness or high-pitched midrange. Tuned to be natural but not entirely detail-free, our careful engineering has achieved a slightly warmer texture and fullness to instrument bodies and fullness to vocals while keeping the mids without any sign of bloat or muddiness and the bass rich yet To maintain a natural tonal balance without being too overpowering平衡而不會過於強烈。
For users who want a bass-focused experience, simply swap out the thicker ear pads to deliver all the bass they want. This brings incredible versatility to the GHOST, delivering professional, natural tuning with options. Provides occasional fun, bass-heavy sounds音的聲音。
open design
A key goal of the GHOST project was to provide the most natural sound possible in a headphone environment. To achieve this we chose an open-back headphone design. The open-back design allows natural airflow through the driver’s outer acoustic cavity. This provides greater driving power to the unit. and provides listeners with peripheral awareness. GHOST's open design provides a realistic stage effect to each song and successfully simulates the complete audio experience of listening to stereo speakers.的完整音頻體驗。
THIEAUDIO was founded in 2019 as a creative endeavor of Linsoul Audio. Our team consists of only a few professional engineers and enthusiasts from China, Korea, Mexico and Singapore. They work together to create the best audio solutions. THIEAUDIO's goal has always been to provide the best at transparent prices. Good audio quality is made accessible to everyone. Our innovative work has revolutionized the global industry in just a few short but fruitful years and set new standards for the audio quality that should be expected in the market. THIEAUDIO’s milestones in the global industry include Our range of in-ear monitors like the MonarchMonarch MKII and V16 Divinity and our headphones like the Phantom are loved by many DIY enthusiasts. Our team is committed to continuing the pursuit of audio excellence and sharing it with everyone.卓越的音頻性能,並將其分享給所有人。
technical details
Type open-back earphones機
Unit configuration: 40 mm sapphire composite moving coil unit元
Impedance 60 ohms姆
Sensitivity 91dB @1kHzz
Response frequency 20Hz-20kHzz
Interchangeable 3.5mm signal cable線
Headphone terminal connection terminal double 3.5mmm

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