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Thieaudio elixir dynamic unit headphones by

Thieaudio elixir dynamic unit headphones by

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Thieaudio brand introduction
Launched in 2019, Thieaudio is a creative endeavor of Linsoul Audio. Thieaudio's goal is to serve as a creative platform bringing together the best team of engineers to inspire revolutionary audio products for audio enthusiasts and professionals alike. For each project we hand-pick his or her field. The most innovative and well-known engineers to oversee the design, engineering and manufacturing of products ranging from the Thiaudio Phantom planar magnetic headphones and the Voyager Legacy and Signature series of in-ear displays to the success of IEMs. We are committed to continuously expanding the limits of high-fidelity audio. Choose our experience. Outstanding musical performance選擇我們,體驗卓越的音樂表演。
Elixir Elixir藥”
The Elixir project aims to achieve one main goal - to capture the spirit and emotion of the sound while maintaining a natural tone that aligns with the recording. The latest driver innovations and acoustic engineering strategies enable incredible audio resolutions that are comparable to analog only Elixir plays. Textures resonate Elixir used more for luxury listening than stage performance is an audiophile's dream for a personal retro sound system系統的夢想。
3D speed sensor
The soul of Elixir lies in its newly developed 3D velocity sensor. The 3D velocity sensor diaphragm is a completely innovative driver that differs from traditional dynamic drivers. The driver consists of beryllium-coated interwoven layers of multi-walled carbon nanotube sheets that form extremely dense and rigid membranes capable of Withstands higher tension and produces higher loudness高的響性。
new technology innovation
The dynamic internals are also novel with stronger pole magnets and an all-copper voice coil actuator, unlike the traditional aluminum drivers used in most dynamic driver assemblies不同。


The Elixir project aims to achieve one principal goal - capture the spirit and emotion of the sound while maintaining a natural tonality that stays true to the recording. The latest driver innovations and acoustic engineering strategies have made possible incredible audio resolution that resonates with an analog texture unique only to the playback from the Elixir. Intended more for luxurious listening sessions rather than stage performances, the Elixir is the audiophile's dream of a personal vintage sound system.


The soul of the Elixir lies within its newly developed 3-Dimensional Velocity Transducer. A completely innovative driver unique from traditional dynamic drivers, the 3D Velocity Transducer diaphragm is composed of beryllium-coated interweaving layers of multi-walled carbon nanotube sheets, which creates an extremely dense and rigid membrane capable of higher tensions and resulting in more responsiveness.

The internal structure of the driver is also novel, utilizing stronger pole magnets and a completely copper voice coil actuator, unlike traditional aluminum ones used in most dynamic driver assemblies.

These features create an extremely enhanced level of audio resolution that transparently reveal the detailed nuances within each note. Moreover, these uncompromising driver components relay a texture within the sound that is completely unique in typical in-ear headphones, which can only be described as vintage and analog.


The Elixir has been meticulously tuned to deliver a natural and balanced sound that is free of any harsh abnormalities or lacking at any frequency interval. This meant the treble had to be detailed and resolving, without introducing any resemblance of piercing or shrill metallic timbre. Following the now well-established natural decay curvature found in all of THIEAUDIO's signature series in-ear monitors, the Elixir's upper frequencies deliver a smooth yet precise relay of every miniscule detail in the music.

Oftentimes in in-ear headphones, the sense of audio resolution is simply a derivative of treble resonance. With the 3D Velocity Transducer utilized in the Elixir, realistic high-definition audio is a textural quality found at every frequency range. The bass and midrange had to be tuned in a manner that highlights this feature. Rather than a hard V-shaped tuning profile used in most in-ear devices, the Elixir's mids have been carefully adjusted to be balanced and neutral, with the slightest touch of warmth that elevates the sense of a vintage and lush sound.d.

The extremely rigid structure of this new diaphragm achieves incredible punctuality in the sub-bass. The bass has been focused to powerfully kick in when required, but not disturb the natural tonality of the overall sound signature, especially when the music doesn't call for it. This means that you'll get all of the impactful thump in your hip-hop and EDM tracks, while still being able to enjoy your soft acoustic and classical pieces without any muddying in the sound.


Each Elixir unit is handcrafted from precision printed and CNC components. The acoustic chamber housing the 3D Velocity Transducer was carefully engineered to produce the required tonal signature, and each driver unit is manually tested and pair-matched before being hand-assembled. The beautiful anodized aluminum bezel ensures the color won't chip or fade off even with time.

The faceplate is milled from a limited quantity of solid genuine burl wood block, which is coated before being embedded within the aluminum bezel. The final assembly undergoes a round of manual quality assurance inspection, consisting of both acoustic measurements as well as physical hardware inspections, before being packaged.


The Elixir comes with a high quality 2 core of 92 wires 0.06mm Single-Crystal Copper and 24 wires 0.06mm Silver-Plated OCC Copper Litz upgrade cable. This stock cable has a 3.5mm single-ended cable termination. Additionally, having the 0.78 mm 2-pin connectors means that the cable can be detached and changed to fit your needs. Hand paired specifically for the Elixir, the stock cable perfectly complements the aesthetic and sonic pleasures of the IEM.

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