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TANGZU AUDIO Zetian Wu Wu Zetian

TANGZU AUDIO Zetian Wu Wu Zetian

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The headphones are designed with a 14.5mm flat unit, and the packaging comes with a customized headphone bag and 5N OFC 4.4mm cable.

The following is an introduction from the manufacturer. According to the manufacturer's information, three considerations were made when making Wu Zetian. The first is the feedback from past projects, especially the feedback from Li Shimin in various places. The second is competitors in the market. In addition, we only adhere to our concept of sound:hearing first. That means the production doesn't stray too far from our idea of ​​the sound. If compared with Li Shimin, the actual changes include the following changes:
1. Increased the volume of both ends.
2. Lower the mid-range and vocal position a little.
3. Enhance the overall musicality.
What remains unchanged is what was said above. On Wu Zetian, the sound expression we hope to create is still based on the sense of hearing first, that is to say, in terms of timbre control, we do not use a sound that is harder, faster or colder. Compared with Li, , our team prefers a warmer and thicker tone, so Wu Zetian will also adopt this approach.

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