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TANGZU AUDIO Tangzu Shimin Li Li Shimin

TANGZU AUDIO Tangzu Shimin Li Li Shimin

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The same factor with a new experience

with the experience on the YUAN LI, the SHIMIN LI is designed ti be much more affordable, approachable for everyone who just enetered the world of audiophile.

Remarkable performance

The SHIMIN LI uses a N52 magnet along with a dual cavity design dynamic driver to produce a full, clean and dynamic sound.

0.78 2pin socket Driver diaphragm dual cavity chamber metal nozzle metal protective cover n52 magnet metal faceplate

Frequency Response

Comparing to the yuan li, we have tuned the shimin li int a more neutral yet balanced presentation to provide a detail and enjoyable listening experience for a longer period of time.


Based on a large data of human aers and our experience on OEM devison, shimin li has been throuhg a precise calculation on the shell measurements to ensure to meet the sweet spot og fitting for most peaple. It is built with a paricular shape that fit mot ears securely noisy outside.with the compact and comfortable design you can enjoy longer listening sessions without any disturbance and fatigue.

0.78 2-pin Socket

The shimin li adopts the 0.78 2pin socket as a medium of the changable interface. The 2pin socket itself is durable ,reliable and can last user to replace with their favorite cables anytime,anywhere

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