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Symphonium Audio

Symphonium Audio Meteor Meteor 3 Moving Iron In-Ear Headphones

Symphonium Audio Meteor Meteor 3 Moving Iron In-Ear Headphones

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Symphonium Audio I'm from Singapore坡🇸🇬
Symphonium was conceived in early 2015 when the founding members were dissatisfied with the products and state of the personal audio market at the time.意。
Most of the headphones on the market are cheap and have many styles. The design replacement cycle of the headphones is also very short. As the product cycle is too fast, these products become obsolete within a year or face discontinuation.臨停產。
Therefore, the team hopes to establish a brand and use the concept of launching and designing slow product cycles to break the pace of unsustainable market trends so that customers can enjoy the brand's headphones for many years. Because they want to let customers know that our headphones are superior in terms of physical quality and sound quality. It's all continuity持續性。
The only way to do this is to design the product from the ground up using high quality components and tuning the accurate response out of the unit giving the product a competitive edge over all others.競爭優勢。
And all Symphonium IEMs are designed in Singapore. Each pair of IEMs is handcrafted for you in a local lab. This maintains a high level of consistency and quality for all IEMs.質量。

Simply put "Meteor" sounds massive. We created Meteor to blow your mind from the first second the music starts playing - extracting the speed detail and raw energy from your music and delivering it to you in a fun way Keeps you on the edge of your seat The bass is so tangible that you feel the air being pushed into your ears The keynote vibrates from the thick bass strings The treble is so extended The sound of its cymbals is ethereal and textured鐃鈸的聲音空靈而有質感。
Meteor's "U-shaped" sound signature puts its bass and treble in the spotlight yet maintains a complex balance forming a coherent and exciting experience that will keep you listening for hours on end in sheer fun. All this in a compact form factor perfect for music listeners with smaller ears小的音樂聽眾。
Meteor concept:
Ten years ago IEMs were designed with small form factor in mind, utilizing single tube designs and multiple drivers to allow for smaller enclosures. However, the limitations of the single tube meant that treble extension was not possible, seriously affecting the overall sound quality of these small IEMs.M的整體音質。
As IEMs began to modernize they saw the use of multiple tubes to provide better treble extension so IEMs gradually became larger with their nozzles enlarging at the expense of better sound For music listeners with small ears size became an issue寸成為一個問題。
The challenge was obvious. We wanted to use a single tube design and achieve treble extension while keeping the dimensions of the enclosure small. This would be a first in the industry! We had to innovate the technology to achieve treble extension despite the acoustic challenges of a single tube design. What is a single hole design must be redefined麼是單孔設計
Introducing the PHAT tuning system:
The PHAT system allows us to integrate multiple units into a single output while resolving space constraints and achieving high treble extension. The Meteor's small size and huge sound are exclusive to this new breed of small in-ear monitors. A direct result of acoustic innovation直接結果。

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