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SpinFit CP100 (2nd Gen)

SpinFit CP100 (2nd Gen)

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New Generation CP100 (2 Pairs) Patented Silicone Earbuds
  • The inner diameter of the earplug sound guide tube is 3.8 mm
  • The special patented design is easy to fit with the curved part of the ear canal at the same time, directing the direction of sound diffusion to reduce high frequency loss頻損失
  • Works with In-Ear Headphones (IEM) for a smoother entry deep into the ear canal處
  • The earphones go deeper into the ear canal, which can isolate the surrounding noise, and can show clear treble and deep bass, so that the released music is closer to the original sound and full of presence.臨場感
  • Premium soft silicone material provides great comfort and durability性
  • In collaboration with the brand Campfire, the SpinFit CP100 can be found in accessories for headphones such as Comet and Atlas影
  • Ease of Installation - SpinFit is easy to install and inexpensive to upgrade, making it your go-to accessory for headphone upgrades配件。
  • The inner diameter of the catheter is 3.8mmm
  • Suitable headphone brand:

Patented SpinFit Earbuds - SpinFit earbuds feature a unique bendable and flexible eartube design that allows the earbuds to penetrate deeper into the ear canal with minimal obstruction to the sound path for greater comfort and better sound performance現更理想。

2nd Gen of CP100 (2 Pairs) Patented Silicone Ear tips
  • Eartip core has a inner diameter of3.8mm
  • Included in the box for: Campfire Comet, Atlas
  • Ergonomically designed with the ability to flex in all direction and conform to the ear canal
  • Consistent seal & in-ear stability
  • Perfect for over-ear IEMs & earphones with unusual fits
  • Deeper & clearer sound. Improves sound quality overall in bass, treble, and sound stage
  • Easy Installation - Simple installation makes SpinFit an easy and affordable upgrade for your earphone.
  • Nozzle Inner Diameter : 3.8mm
  • Compatible list :

SpinFit is a patented ear tip. With the flexible core design, SpinFit ear tip is able to be inserted deeper into the ear canal, enabling less obstruction along the sound field dispersion path, which results in greater audio experience while providing maximum comfort..

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