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Soundpeats OPERA 05 fully wireless sound quality flagship headphones

Soundpeats OPERA 05 fully wireless sound quality flagship headphones

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Soundpeats OPERA 全無線音質旗艦耳機

feature of product:

  • 12mm large dynamic coil + two-motion triathlon unit (OPERA 05) for ultimate display of three-dimensional levels現
  • Crossover smart frequency division technology accurately analyzes sound into low/mid/high three-frequency signals to enrich the three-dimensional full-range and shocking listening experience.享受
  • Metal sound tube design reduces distortion, resists signal interference, and retains more sound details音細節
  • Hi-Res Gold Label certified high-fidelity pure original sound音
  • LDAC high-resolution audio encoding is close to CD-level lossless sound quality質
  • Active Noise Cancellation ANC -30dB Immerse yourself in your own music world without interference擾
  • The front and rear double pressure relief hole design automatically balances the pressure inside and outside the ear, making it comfortable to wear for a long time.
  • 4 Mic call noise reduction software calculation accurately eliminates background noise音
  • Oval silicone earplugs are comfortable and have zero dead spots角
  • Ultra-long battery life of 9 hours at a time and 31.5 hours of total power量
  • The latest Bluetooth 5.3 anti-interference and ultra-stable connection連線
  • SoundPeats exclusive APP provides more free definition of listening sense義
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