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SoundLink Flex Bluetooth Speaker

SoundLink Flex Bluetooth Speaker

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Surging sound field

Happy without limits

Music enriches our lives and inspires many passions in our lives. You always want your music to be with you wherever you are. The SoundLink Flex Bluetooth speaker is your best music partner. Rugged design resists water, dust, and some bumps and bumps along the way. Scratch Whether you're hiking in the mountains or having dinner with friends, the powerful SoundLink Flex will amaze you with lifelike performance and deep, rich sound音質讓您驚嘆不已。


Premium Audio

Rich sound to inspire enthusiasm情

You set foot on a place because you have a deep feeling and passion for it, and you want to feel the same way about your music. It makes sense that SoundLink Flex will give you that feeling. The sound is crisp, clear, and distortion-free so you can hear every instrument and Delicate vocals are balanced between highs and lows so you can hear every tune, powerful bass thumps project uplifting music and you can't help but sway to the music. It's all thanks to this beautifully designed, multi-functional model that incorporates innovative technology. speaker設計美觀、具多種功能的揚聲器。

登山女子將 SoundLink Flex 藍牙揚聲器掛於背包
女子將 SoundLink Flex 藍牙揚聲器掛於背包


Waterproof and dustproof IP677)

Don't worry about liquid splashes, rain, etc.擔心

SoundLink Flex is rigorously tested to an IP67 rating It's water-resistant and continues to play in water and even floats so it won't sink if it falls off your paddleboard The speakers are also dust-proof so you don't have to worry about it on the beach Sand-free to ensure further water, dust and debris resistance The speaker unit and passive dual-membrane resonance under the steel grille are constructed of a robust waterproof material and tightly sealed to the speaker housing,並與揚聲器外殼緊密密封。

放在槳板上的 SoundLink Flex 藍牙揚聲器

Rugged design

Designed to resist bumps and scratches

The SoundLink Flex Bluetooth speaker features a powder-coated steel grille and a silicone case that's made with durable materials for adventurous activities Sturdy exterior can withstand almost any accident, such as a fall The test powder paint won't peel off and is resistant to corrosion and UV rays. Its sturdy housing needs nothing to say. This wireless speaker has a unique ergonomic design that is easier to hold and feels good at any angle or position.任何角度或部位都感覺良好。

放在工作檯上的 SoundLink Flex 藍牙揚聲器


POSITIONIQ technology

Inclined flip hanging吊掛
The sound is always so good

The SoundLink Flex is versatile enough to take anywhere Equipped with PositionIQ technology that automatically adjusts to the orientation for optimal sound Whether it's upright and flat or hung on its pull-resistant loop, the SoundLink Flex delivers music in full, balanced sound的音質傳遞音樂。

於戶外吊掛在抗拉扯功能性掛環上的 SoundLink Flex 藍牙揚聲器
美食車櫃檯上的 SoundLink Flex 藍牙揚聲器

Up to 12 hours of use per full charge

Always be with you every day

Whether you're working shifts or enjoying a great day on the water, the SoundLink Flex will keep your music with you all day long Up to 12 hours of use per charge Fast charging via its USB-C port when low on battery快速充電。


Works with other BOSE speakers

Bose speakers are a match made in heaven合

Believe the SoundLink Flex is good enough on its own but like all Bose speakers this versatile portable speaker goes even better when paired with other speakers Pair it with another SoundLink Flex or another Bose Bluetooth speaker to enable party mode You can enjoy what you're listening to in more rooms or a wider range outdoors, even indoors and out at the same time SoundLink Flex can be connected to a Bose Smart Soundbar to keep tabs on what's going on even when you're not next to your TV可密切留意賽事進度。understand more

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