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Sony NW-WM1AM2 Digital Music Player

Sony NW-WM1AM2 Digital Music Player

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Pure listening experience unleashes infinite possibilities能

Indulge in more dynamic and thorough high-quality sound Experience a richer soundstage with more tension and easy-to-use download and streaming convenience to take your listening experience to another level一層次。

Premium WM1AM2 Walkman delivers incredible sound quality and is Wi-Fi compatible for downloading and streaming music音樂。

Compatible with high-resolution audio
Supports raw DSD (Direct Stream Digital) files
S-Master HX digital amplifier delivers pure sound
Wi-Fi compatible for downloading and streaming流
128GB RAM and SD card slot

feature of product
WM1AM2 Walkman 的鋁合金框

Aluminum alloy frame

Rugged housing made of aluminum alloy frame reduces electronic noise and interference for stable high-quality sound音效。

電路板特寫圖片,顯示 S-Master™ HX 數碼擴音器技術

original sound reproduction

S-Master HX digital amplifier technology specially developed for Walkman Compatible with native DSD format and supports balanced and powerful output. This technology reduces distortion and noise over a wide frequency range to provide rich and rich sound and is further enhanced by new high-quality lead-free soldering strengthen接進一步加強。

more powerful power

The WM1AM2 delivers higher power output to analog and digital blocks than the previous generation model The idea came from Sony's flagship digital music player, the DMP-Z1Z1。


Large solid high polymer capacitors

Using the newly developed large solid high polymer capacitor, its large capacitance and low resistance characteristics can provide battery power for the loudspeaker block. The auxiliary capacitor can instantly provide a large amount of power to prevent the sudden drop of voltage to accurately output the signal and bring a crisp, strong and accurate signal. Bass sound and clear vocals以及清晰的人聲。

具有 FT CAP3(高聚合物電容器)的電路板

FT CAP3 High Polymer Capacitors器)

Bypass capacitors for all sound blocks use FT CAP3 custom-made for Sony and tuned by Sony engineers With all the knowledge accumulated in the development of high-end home audio, this helps to improve sound performance and deliver softer sound The sound space is wider and more transparent Tighter bass低音更為緊密。

OFC 磨光區塊

OFC polishing block

The OFC polishing block covers the digital block to help strengthen the digital ground and improve the noise shielding effect of the digital block components such as application processors and memory devices for clear sound in silence晰音質。


High polymer capacitors

High polymer capacitors in the WM1AM2 enhance the power supply of the loudspeaker block for unbalanced output Enhanced reproduction in the low frequency range for a wider listening experience聽體驗。


Film capacitors

High quality film capacitors output linear response voltage at all frequencies reducing distortion and noise訊。


Winding Inductors

The winding inductor in the digital block power supply replaces the traditional thin film inductor to bring pure sound。 

低電阻無氧銅導線 (OFC)

Oxygen-free copper wire

Low-resistance Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) leads minimize distortion and produce superior gradation感。


crystal oscillator

The product is equipped with two exquisite low-phase noise crystal oscillators with sampling rates in multiples of 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz to ensure absolute clock stability Crystal electrodes are formed with gold coating to enhance electrical characteristics and more effectively separate the sounds of different instruments Reproduces clear, open sound as if covering were removed from your ears and reduced noise晰、開放的聲音。


Fine Acoustic Resistors

The precision sound recorder mounted on the surface of the machine ensures that the power is evenly distributed to the circuit parts for consistent and wonderful sound效。


Newly developed reflowed gold-containing solder

Sony's first extensive use of reflowed gold-containing solder on circuit boards results in dramatic overall effects including improved sound localization and a wider sound space空間。


High-quality solder with gold

Gold's excellent electrical conductivity minimizes signal bleed Premium audio-grade lead-free solder with a small amount of gold Connects the WM1AM2's circuitry to the battery for clearer sound and vocals和人聲。


Low-K circuit boards and filled vias

The printed circuit board uses low-k materials for precise signal transmission and the vias are filled with copper lines to further reduce the resistance to provide you with a wide sound space and clear and vivid sound [A] Normal vias [B] Filled vias導通孔

Optimized board configuration

Optimized board layout separates audio blocks from power/digital blocks to ensure sound quality is not affected by digital noise影響。

顯示 DSD 影響重繪引擎如何影響 PCM(脈衝編碼調製)音訊的圖表

DSD affects the repaint engine

PCM Pulse Code Modulation audio is resampled to 11.2MHz DSD (Direct Stream Digital) UHF 1-bit audio Streaming to DAC Monostreaming is very similar to analog effects, giving you more ways to listen to your music音樂的方式。

DSEE Ultimate 的圖示

DSEE Ultimate

Real-time upgrade of compressed digital music files through Edge-AI artificial intelligence DSEE Extreme digital sound quality enhancement technology Evolving algorithms bring better CD quality 16-bit 44.1/48kHz lossless audio encoding Restores acoustic detail and dynamic range A richer and more complete listening experience更豐富、更完整的聆聽體驗。


vinyl record effect processor

Gives digital tracks the warm tone of vinyl records Delicate low-frequency reverberation reproduction capability覺體驗。

DC 線性化階段效果的說明圖表

DC linearization stage

Our DC Phase Linearizer efficiently replicates a wide range of sonic characteristics. This technology can be used in digital signal processing with a variety of analog amplifier phase characteristics for purer and more analog-like sound effects. Choose from six phase characteristics settings.定中選擇。

WM1AM2 Walkman 的平衡連接及 3.5 毫米音訊插孔特寫

Balanced connection

The Walkman has a balanced single plug designed for use with a Ø4.4mm balanced cable. This cable separates the left and right audio signals while greatly reducing signal loss and sound quality degradation.音質變差。 


Embody every original note

Take your digital music collection to the next level with high-resolution audio Capture and reproduce digital audio at rates higher than CD24-bit/96kHz and beyond High-resolution audio brings you closer to studio-quality sound原音效果。

DSD (Direct Stream Digital) 標誌

11.2 Mhz native DSD/PCM 384kHz

Equipped with premium quality of 11.2MHz native DSD with balanced headphones and PCM 384KHz/32-bit support援。


high-resolution sound wireless

Equipped with advanced LDAC wireless encoding to wirelessly enjoy high-definition audio quality Three times the bit rate of standard Bluetooth technology to enjoy all your music with a superior listening experience有音樂。

MQA 標誌


Walkman has MQA technology to let you play MQA audio files案。

圖中人物用連接有線耳機的 WM1AM2 Walkman 聆聽音樂

Designed for high standard music listeners

High-end design and high-quality aluminum body with dual headphone jacks and a large 5-inch screen with the stylish WM1AM2 Travel lets you enjoy your favorite music anytime, anywhere愛音樂。

WM1AM2 Walkman 機身後方突出部分的細節

unique back

The high-hardness aluminum rear frame of the fuselage can effectively reproduce clear and clear sound effects. We put larger audio components in the protruding part of the rear of the fuselage to improve the sound quality. Therefore, the thickness of the fuselage is significantly increased compared to the previous generation.明顯增加。

深色背景襯托 WM1AM2 Walkman 的正視圖,顯示類比風格的音量介面

Classic pointer style

The volume interface of the WM1AM2 simulates a classic pointer design. This touching detail greatly enhances your listening experience.。 

WM1AM2 正視圖,顯示 Walkman 的 Android™ 介面

Wi-Fi lets you stream and download music to your heart's content

WM1AM2 supports Android and is Wi-Fi compatible Give you more freedom to enjoy your music Use your Walkman to listen to your favorite streaming and music apps or connect to a computer to download songs and playlists from your music collection和播放清單。

WM1AM2 Walkman 的正視圖 - 顯示屏顯示音樂播放介面

5.0-inch large display

The large, smooth and responsive touch screen has grown from 4" 10.2 cm of the previous generation to 5" 12.7 cm and upgraded to HD升級至高清。


long-lasting battery

Get immersed in your music with up to 40 hours of uninterrupted 96kHz FLAC high-resolution audio playback中

顯示 Walkman 主螢幕的 WM1AM2 正視圖

Walkman Home Screen幕

The Walkman home screen lets you customize the screen to suit your needs面。

WM1AM2 Walkman 的底部,顯示 USB Type-C® port 連接埠

USB Type-C port埠

Compatible with USB 3.2 Gen 1 USB Type-C port for fast music file transfer and easy connection to different devices裝置。

SD 卡標誌

Expandable capacity

The WM1AM2 features 128GB of integrated memory and SD card slot for listening to your massive music collection anywhere藏。

360 Reality Audio 標誌

so intoxicating so real實。

Immerse yourself in the loopback sound that makes you feel like you are at a concert or listening to a musician in the studio 360 Reality Audio makes music more intoxicating and more realistic WM1AM2 allows you to enjoy 360 Reality AudioAudio。


Integrate sustainable development concepts into products

Our products not only have stylish designs, but also incorporate environmental protection concepts into them. WM1AM2 adopts plastic-free packaging and adheres to Sony's philosophy to reduce the impact of products and business on the environment.的影響。


size and weight

Dimensions (W X H X D):Approx. 80.5mm x 142.5mm x 20.8mm
weight : about 299 grams


Frequency band :2.4/5GHz

power supply

Battery Life - Continuous Play Music Using Music App : : MP3 (128kbps) / Stereo mini jack Approx. 40 hours MP3 (128kbps) / Balanced standard jack Approx. 40 hours FLAC96 kHz / 24 bit / Stereo mini jack Approx. 40 hours FLAC96 kHz / 24 bit / Balanced standard jack Approx. 40 hours FLAC192 kHz / 24-bit / Stereo mini-jack Approx. 35 hours FLAC192 kHz / 24-bit / Balanced Standard Jack Approx. 35 hours DSD2.8224 MHz / 1-bit / Stereo mini-jack Approx. 25 hours DSD2.8224 MHz / 1 bit/ balanced standard jack about 15 hours DSD5.6448 MHz / 1 bit/ stereo mini jack about 18 hours48 MHz / 1 位元)/ 立體聲迷你插孔:約 18 小時
Battery Life - Continuous Music Other Music Apps : : MP3 (128kbps) / Stereo mini-jack approx. 18 hours MP3 (128kbps) / Balanced standard jack approx. 18 hours 小時
Charging time fully charged:: about 4.5 hours
Built-in battery : Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Charging and Power :USB charging Powered by computer via USB電)

storage medium

Memory capacity :128GB *Actual available memory 103GB

Play and display

Music search method:All Songs Artist Released Year Playlist Album Music Type Composer Hi-Res Recent Transfer Folder Show Order List、資料夾、演出順序表
Music playback mode:Shuffle Off Repeat Repeat 1 Song All Repeat All Range Selected Range、所選範圍
Drag and drop function:Have
Display resolution:12.7 cm 5.0 inch HD1280 x 720 pixels0 像素)
Display type:TFT color display with white LED backlight
sound effect:Direct Source Direct 10-Band Equalizer DSEE UltimateDC Linearization Stage Dynamic Equalizer Vinyl Effects Processor唱片效果處理器
Audio playback:MP332 - 320 kbps with VBR / 3244.148 kHz WMA32 - 192 kbps with VBR / 44.1 kHz FLAC1624bit / 8-384 kHzWAV1624 32bit Float / Integer / 8-384 kHzAAC16-320 kbps / 8-48 kHzHE-AAC32-144 kbps / -48 kHzApple Lossless 1624bit/8-384kHzAIFF162432bit/8-384kHzDSD1bit/2.8MHz5.6MHz11.2MHzAPE81624bit/8-192kHz Fast Normal Premium MQA SupportAPE:8、16、24 位元 / 8-192 kHz(快速、正常、優質),MQA:支援

Headphone output Stereo mini jack Balanced sound standard jack音,標準插孔)

Frequency :20-40,000 Hz/ 20-40,000 Hz
Maximum power output (JEITA 16Ω/MW) :60mW+60mW high gain// 250mW+250mW high gain益)
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