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Shure SE846 Gen 2 Multi-Action Iron In-Ear Headphones

Shure SE846 Gen 2 Multi-Action Iron In-Ear Headphones

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The Shure SE846 Gen 2 features four custom-designed drivers that coordinate precisely with each other for extended high-frequency clarity Groundbreaking low-pass filter design gives you truly powerful bass Reproduce every detail as much as possible Four different The sound includes a new extension option to help you customize your own audio. Excellent hearing acuity comes from decades of seeking more musicians to trust Shure, and loyal audiophiles love it. Here's why the detachable cable is available. Convert to a wireless connection or integrate other wired accessories Options Wide range of ear tip combs provide a great fit for your discerning ears合感。為您挑剔的雙耳帶來醇美聆聽享受。

Product Features

SE846 Sound Isolating Headphones with Quad Hi-Res Drivers Groundbreaking Low Pass Filter Customizable Frequency Response and Detachable Cable Durable Discrete Design for Great Audio Monitoring Reliable circum-ear Free-standing cable plus a formable kit ensures that the earphones stay in place after hours of wearing Isolation technology Blocks up to 37 dB of external noise with eartip sleeves for a customized fit Comes with a premium carrying case1 /4" Adapter Wearing Kit Various ear tip sleeve options and catheter removal tool for adjusting frequency response with replaceable catheter應的導管拆卸工具(帶有可更換的導管)。

Quadruple high-resolution miniature sound drivers
The perfect blend of crisp, extended highs coupled with a groundbreaking low-pass filter delivers true bass without sacrificing clarity and detail. Such high-quality sound is the result of decades of hard work and experience. That's how Shure can win. The reason why more and more professional musicians and audiophiles trust and love愛戴的原因。

Immersive sound
The sound insulation design can effectively eliminate interference and make your audio space as clear as ever. This is the right way to open the listening experience and the right way to pursue veritable listening enjoyment.確方法。

Comfortable to wear
A complete set of custom eartip sleeves will make your earphones fit your ear canal like an exclusive one, allowing you to enjoy better sound quality and long-lasting wearing experience during marathon meetings驗。

Selectable Voices
Adjustable frequency response puts you in control With removable metal nozzles and interchangeable inserts, you can choose the right tone for every occasion音色。

easy to carry
All high-quality components and cables are built to withstand professional performance-grade wear Designed for professional use and extended wear而設計。
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