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Regarding the appearance of Aonic 215, you have already seen the commercial version in the previous article. It has not changed. It is a big comma shape. It is surprising that the packaging is so heavy. Fortunately, it is very light. After all, there is nothing inside. Open the top cover and you will see The body of the Aonic 215 and the pie-shaped carrying case look down to see different sizes of silicone earbuds and USB-C charging cables和 USB-C 充電線。

The first time I used it, I was a little unaccustomed to it because unlike similar products, the Aonic 215 will be automatically turned on. You also need to manually turn on the headphones on both sides, but it will automatically connect to a used device. The body only has a physical key switch at the end. Play/ Pause ambient mode is to operate by clicking the multi-tap button. There is also a button on the back of the portable box to check the battery status of the box.可以檢查盒子的電池狀態。

Speaking of this charging case, its design is similar to the storage box of Shure earphones in recent years, but it has become larger because of the battery. The official number refers to the best cover that can recharge the Aonic 215 three times to achieve up to 32 hours of playback time. There is a small hole that allows the LED light inside to show through, so that you can check the charging status at any time.隨時查看充電狀態。

The name Aonic 215 is actually because the set comes with SE215 earphones and the price is HK$2,658, but in the future in Hong Kong, you can buy it separately in mid-April. Of course, the price of this true wireless converter RMCE-TW1 will be slightly lowered to HK$2,218. There are requirements for sound quality My friends will probably choose the latter directly, and change to their favorite headphones through the MMCX specification.插換上自己喜歡的耳機了

But before you put on other headphones, let’s share the listening experience of the Aonic 215 set. In terms of specifications, this wireless headphone module has Bluetooth 5 technology and supports the highest aptX code, which is similar to most true wireless headphones on the market that pursue sound quality. Connect the Aonic 215 to your own 連上自己的 Sony NW-A100TPS Try it because this DAP supports all levels of aptX and LDAC encoding, and wireless playback has nothing to do with its thrust, so it is also suitable for SE215 itself. It should be said that the editor thinks that this true wireless converter has enough thrust to be able to use other headphones. Shure's official website said that the true wireless converter can be used with the flagship SE846.SE846 搭配使用呢。

Aonic 215 is light and comfortable to wear because its ear hooks are slender and the soft silicone material is used to distribute the weight on the back of the ear. Even people with four eyes can use it smoothly. The buttons at the end of the temple arm that are not afraid of blocking glasses have a large enough area. You can operate the earphones with your hands behind your ears. Usually, you won't accidentally touch the earphones. However, Shure's software adjustment is not yet complete. When you press the earphones to pause or play music, it still takes about a second to be reflected on the player.時間才能反映在播放器上。

I came to challenge the earphones of other factories. Yes, I have to take out the Campfire Andromeda at the bottom of the pressure box. After all, the impedance of this earphone is low enough. At the same time, I can test whether there is noise at the output end. The playback volume of the DAP is as expected. Turn it down to a very low level and there is enough volume, but the surprise is that when there is no music playing, there is no noise from the headphones. It can be used as earplugs.的當作耳塞用也可以呢。

If you are afraid that you will be too indulged in the music world, you can also turn on the ambient mode, so that the microphone of the headset will collect and play the external sound on the headset. This function and EQ power can be viewed and adjusted in the ShurePlus Play exclusive app, but I think it works. not much作用不大就是。

To sum up, Shure's approach of taking the lead with the Aonic 215 when targeting the consumer-grade product line this time is quite stable because everyone already knows that the sound quality of the SE215 is even better for this familiar sound when paired with the new true wireless module. The same experience. In fact, when I started playing, I always had a question that Shure's true wireless converter is compatible with hardware and software.器在硬體和軟體上都與 Fortex TM2 There is 87% similarity. Is the relationship between the two OEMs? In any case, Shure is also slightly better in wearing feeling. Don't worry about the defect of not being able to convert the 2-pin connector.就別糾結了。
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