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Shanling M3 Ultra Music Player

Shanling M3 Ultra Music Player

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~The original Hong Kong licensed product enjoys a 1-year warranty from the Hong Kong agent養~

feature of product
Canzhen craft, vibrant voice
M3 Ultra inherits the aviation-grade Unibody integrated body from the flagship M8. The body is stylish and smart, regardless of cost. The aircraft-grade magnesium-aluminum alloy is used and the Unibody integrated CNC iron-cutting process is used to cut the fuselage structure, which is more stable and reduces signal interference for equipment operation. Integrated machine body design設計渾然天成。
Petite figure and outstanding appearance
The M3 Ultra is equipped with a 768 x 1280 4.2-inch sharp high-definition LCD screen. Light touches light up your whole-body music love. The 3:2 handy ratio makes the M3 Ultra body light and beautiful. Create a stylish appearance and gripping feeling. Excellent treasure-level playback device播放器。
Big memory upgrade
M3 Ultra is equipped with LPDDR4X 3G RAM and 32G ROM to enjoy silky-smooth operation, considerately accommodate massive audio resources in the palm of your hand, and ensure stable and fast reading and writing while the player is in high-intensity operation速讀寫。
Embrace all the glitz and see the essence
M3 Ultra is equipped with 2 high-performance DAC ES9219CShanling. Many classic products are equipped with this chip. Its tuning technology has been perfected. This time it is even better and comprehensively defended the pure texture that hardcore enthusiasts dream of. Sound performance interprets the all-round sound with both freshness and presence的全能之聲。

New circuit design
M3 Ultra is equipped with two RT6863 independent amplifier chips and a new circuit to reduce distortion, and at the same time, M3 Ultra has higher output power and stronger dynamic range. Powerful sound waves release dynamic shock waves沖擊波。

Japan ELNA high quality silk film capacitor
In order to ensure sufficient energy supply for the DAC and the release, four 47μF Japanese ELNA high-quality silk film capacitors are specially configured. The Japanese ELNA capacitor was established in 1937 and has a history of more than 30 years in the production of audio-specific capacitors. It is often used in SACD players and power amplifiers. M3 The SILMIC II series used by Ultra is ELNA's leading audio capacitor to escort the sound of M3 Ultra 聲音保駕護航。

Panasonic Polymer Tantalum Capacitors
M3 Ultra is equipped with Panasonic polymer tantalum capacitors, which have excellent high-frequency characteristics and high specific capacitance accuracy, are less affected by temperature and have a longer life, making them a common choice for audio products to ensure pure sound from the source始聲音的純淨。

3rd generation FPGA technology + KDS femtosecond low phase noise active crystal oscillator
Self-developed FPGA+ dual crystal oscillator technology supports femtosecond-level low phase noise 45MHz/49MHz active crystal oscillator phase noise is as low as -150dB, enabling M3 Ultra to maintain high precision and low jitter during digital signal transmission, effectively reducing jitter and making the sound purer and more stable純淨更穩定。

DC-DC regulator circuit
M3 Ultra uses a DC-DC voltage regulator circuit to significantly increase the output power and increase the output power up to 260mW@32Ω for more stable power supply更加穩定。

Two levels of gain, surging sound wave
M3 Ultra has two levels of gain selectable output power up to single-ended 140mW@32Ω balanced 260mW@32Ω Greatly meet the needs of everyone who uses hard-to-drive headphones All kinds of timbre easily control multiple adaptations Variety of equipment配百變裝備。

3.5 single-ended / 4.4 balanced interface
The top is equipped with two types of headphone jacks, which contains the concept of avenues to simplicity. The dual gameplay brings you different experiences.體驗。

Dual Hi-Res audio certification
M3 Ultra has obtained the Hi-Res Audio (high-resolution audio) certification from the Japan Audio Association and also supports Hi-Res Wireless Audio wireless high-resolution certification. Both wired and wireless have good sound quality線,都有好音質。
109mm x 70.5mm x 18mm
the screen
4.2" 768x1280 Sharp HD screen
Open Android 10
audio format
Audio Specifications
384kHz/32bitDSD 256
Gain setting
high and low低
3G RAM32G ROM、2TB MicroSD Card
D/A chip
ES9219C DAC x2
digital filter
2 digital filters
bluetooth version
Bluetooth Transmitter Support
Bluetooth receiver support
Unbalanced headphone output
Output power low gain 41mW@32Ω high gain;(高增益)140mW@32Ω
Frequency response 20 ~ 40000Hz-0.2dBdB)
Total Harmonic Distortion THD+N0.0007%07%
Channel separation 75dB@322Ω
Dynamic range 121dBB
Signal-to-noise ratio 121dBB
Noise Low Gain>117dB<1.5uV.5uV)
Output Impedance<11
Balanced headphone output
Output power low gain 164mW@32Ω high gain;(高增益)260mW@32Ω
Frequency response 20 ~ 40000Hz-0.2dBdB)
Total Harmonic Distortion THD+N0.0005%05%
Channel separation 115dB@322
Dynamic range 124dBB
Signal-to-noise ratio 124dBB
Noise Low Gain>114dB<1.8uV.8uV)
Output Impedance<11
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