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Sennheiser ie 900 flagship trueresponse dynamic in-ear headphones

Sennheiser ie 900 flagship trueresponse dynamic in-ear headphones

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  • The new standard for portable audio
  • Assembled by hand at Sennheiser's German headquarters factory
  • X3R technology TrueResponse dynamic driver unit uses three cavities體
  • The exquisite and unique shell is pressed from high-performance aluminum alloy
  • Equipped with high-performance gold-plated Fidelity + MMCX connectors

Precise and high-quality sound effects

IE 900 allows you to immerse yourself in the most beautiful music details every minute and every second. The Sennheiser patented X3R transducer equipped in IE 900 is improved from the 7mm audiophile-grade Ultra Wide Audio (XWB) transducer. Developed and equipped with a unique three-chamber sound-absorbing system at the headquarters in Germany, it restores superb natural high-quality sound effects and can reproduce even the smallest details of the music.之處均可重現無遺。

IE 900 makes no compromises on sound quality協

High-fidelity recordings are an artistic presentation. Just like a priceless oil painting, no damage is allowed during the transmission process. IE 900 can show the true connotation of the recording. If the recording itself is excellent, you will hear something extraordinary. A masterpiece, the bright treble does not contain any excessive sibilance, and the strong low-frequency response does not make the mid-range part blurry. The IE 900's shell is made of a single aluminum block, which shows Sennheiser's unremitting pursuit of high-definition sound. It is equipped with a unique three-dimensional Cavity Sound Absorption (T3CA) System This patented system uses three cavities and adds acoustic vortices to the nozzle to eliminate the shadowing effect and reduce unnecessary treble resonance so that every delicate tone can be fully expressed.令每個細緻微小的音色皆盡現無遺。

explore every detail

We have made great efforts to reproduce all the very fine details of musical performances so that you can have great pleasure in experiencing the creativity and texture of works recorded in the studio or performed in the concert hall. Developed in Germany by Sennheiser The X3R transducer can restore the superb natural high-quality sound effects for you, so that the most minute details of the music can be reproduced. Its very precise audio response is derived from the newly developed diaphragm, which can effectively reduce the resonance internally and reduce the natural resonance. And minimizing distortion, that's how the IE 900 can reproduce even the smallest details in music. The IE 900 not only demonstrates the skills of a musician, it makes the tone of each instrument clearly visible and also changes the acoustic characteristics of the room. Get new embodiments Now you can immerse yourself in a stunning sound stage without staying on the surface but delving into intricate details在表面上,而是深入到復雜的細節中。

Precisely adapted to extraordinary sound音

Singers and musicians need personal monitoring systems when performing and recording on stage. High-quality, comfortable headphone monitoring systems can help them express themselves better. But Sennheiser believes that the privilege of enjoying live sound should not be the exclusive preserve of performers. The comfort and robustness of these professional solutions were Sennheiser's inspiration when designing the IE 900. Now you can experience the comfort and high-quality headphones that performers and artists wear during their performances. The IE 900 offers Silicone earplugs and three different sizes of elastic sponge earpads can adapt well to the shape of your ears, giving you a tailor-made professional feel.,讓你體驗量身打造的專業感受。

clearer levels

During the development of the IE 900 Sennheiser was faced with a fundamental choice. Due to the inherent compromise in sound quality of a multi-driver system, the frequency band issues and the distortion generated in overlapping frequency bands, Sennheiser's decision was made easy by using only high-quality single dynamic units. To deliver the sound we want, Sennheiser designed a complex system of three chambers. The X3R chambers are milled into an enclosure made of pressed aluminum blocks. They eliminate the effects of resonance, cut unnecessary treble resonances, and make every detail The timbre is fully realized. In addition, a complex acoustic vortex structure is added to the nozzle of each earphone - it can rotate the sound energy in a specific frequency band to achieve smooth resonance.特定頻帶中旋轉聲能,起到平滑共振的作用。

Acoustic rear chamber achieves balanced tone色

Sennheiser's goal is to achieve a balanced and transparent sound response without peaks and valleys. Therefore, Sennheiser clearly separates the low frequency and mid-frequency. To ensure the accuracy of this critical frequency band, Sennheiser uses an acoustic rear cavity. This is a setting. Sennheiser carefully adjusts the volume of the very small chamber in the headphone shell to control the slope and amplitude of the low-frequency boost. The acoustic rear chamber can also control the air flow and direction through the transducer to obtain a clear and natural sound signature for you. What you hear is pleasant low and mid frequencies是令人愉悅的低頻和中頻。

Sound quality from audio experts

The IE 900 is manufactured at Sennheiser's headquarters in Germany. This is the source of Sennheiser's excellent quality. Aluminum is ideal for high-precision milling. It creates beautiful, strong and durable housings that also provide good protection for electroacoustic components. Each headphone housing is made from a single piece of aluminum. Precision milled on a five-axis CNC machine and anodized, the housings are highly resistant to wear and corrosion and become a true work of art. Each pair of drives in the IE 900 is manufactured in our automated manufacturing process. After filtering the matches to eliminate differences, Sennheiser got a transparent soundstage with no holes.r 得到了沒有漏洞的通透聲場。

Extraordinary sound accompanies you along the way隨

Sennheiser has all had that experience: a beautiful piece of music is ruined by a recurring low-frequency noise because the bass note in the piece falls right on the resonant frequency of your speakers or headphones or a rough high-frequency sibilance that makes long listening sessions impossible. Experience and discomfort IE 900 has no such flaws. What you hear will be the effect the artist intended. Whether you are traveling in an office environment or walking in the woods, your music experience will not be ruined by headphones.樂體驗的事情發生了。

A good connection is crucial

In addition to excellent sound quality, audiophiles want their favorite products to be durable. The IE 900 also excels in this regard. High-quality gold-plated Fidelity+ MMCX connectors ensure the quality of the connection. Each interface is buried deep in the rubber of the cable inside the headphone case. The sheath is tightly inserted into the 4.8 mm diameter groove on the earphone shell to withstand the tension of the cable. The cable is made of para-aramid fiber and can withstand thousands of bends. Each pair of earphones comes with a protective box for effective protection. Headphones and Cables Use the 3.5mm stereo plug to connect to a variety of audio sources including headphone amplifiers, laptops, and audio interfaces. Each IE 900 also comes with 2.5mm and 4.4mm balanced cables for connecting to high-fidelity devices with balanced outputs. Every detail matters when you seek natural and immersive sound有沉浸感的聲音時,每個細節都很重要。

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