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Sennheiser ie 600 amorphous metal shell in-ear headphones

Sennheiser ie 600 amorphous metal shell in-ear headphones

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A world of music close to you
No matter what kind of music moves you, IE 600 can make you feel deeply moved. Enjoy the texture of the notes, but also feel the subtlety between the bow and the strings and the chirp balance and purity when your fingertips pass through each guitar chord. The sound brings you closer to the vivid, pure and natural music. It is not only balanced, but the low-frequency response of the IE 600 is accurate and fast. This is thanks to the 7mm TrueResponse single moving coil unit that the Sennheiser team has fully built for the IE 600. This unit has an ultra-wide frequency response range. and extremely low distortion響範圍和極低的失真。

Balanced sound
High-end studio monitoring systems represent balance. In order to achieve this studio-level balance on the IE 600, our engineers carefully adjusted the volume of the rear acoustic cavity inside the headphones to make the sound more present and intimate for the listener. Enjoy music more deeply and discover more sound details and characteristics. However, this kind of balanced and stable sound is extremely challenging. For example, when multiple similar sounds appear in a track at the same time, it is difficult for the human ear to distinguish among these sounds. The IE 600 features dual two chamber absorbers (D2CA) designed to capture and attenuate these masked frequencies to reveal the delicate textures of your music.頻率,為您揭示音樂的細膩質感。

Durable, solid and reliable靠
Researchers have been working for years to perfect and improve the properties of amorphous metals for manufacturing use. The wait was worth it. The Heraeus Amloy Technologies process we chose for IE 600 achieves the hardness of the zirconium alloy. And the bending strength is three times that of high-performance steel. Amorphous metal does not form a crystal structure like traditional metals. This is because we use impact freezing technology to prevent metal crystallization during the manufacturing process to form a shiny and smooth surface with Extraordinary resistance to corrosion and scratches The IE 600 housing is manufactured using metal powder-based 3D printing technology. Any shape can be created within tight tolerances. Using this material eliminates the need for milling in the production of chambers and channels. However, the cost does limit the potential applications of this new material. In addition to ultra-high-end products such as IE 600, one of its uses is the drill bit of NASA's Mars rover, which has extraordinary elasticity to adapt to extreme conditions.頭,以非凡彈性適應極端條件下的應用。

Automated manufacturing and manual packaging裝
The production of amorphous metal casings is carried out in Germany, including automated manufacturing processes and manual assembly steps. Computer-controlled lasers sinter ultra-thin metal powder layer by layer onto an already hardened material base to complete the molding. Technicians then manually polish to remove the abrasions produced during the manufacturing process. Burrs are thoroughly cleaned. The steel is shot-blasted, polished and precision-finished. The result is an extremely durable aesthetic that shows little sign of scratches or scuffs with daily use.下劃痕或磨損的痕跡。

Your faithful companion on the journey of sound
Every TrueResponse transducer is manufactured and assembled by Sennheiser to last, one of the world's leading transducer manufacturing lines. Exceed audiophile expectations. That's the only goal of our manufacturing facilities. We focus on driver pairings, one driver at a time. The difference is almost unmeasurable and the total harmonic distortion data makes us proud. To ensure that the product lasts for a long time, we encapsulate these characteristics in the IE600's extraordinary elastic amorphous metal casing to ensure that users have strong corrosion resistance and anti-wear properties. Long-lasting wonderful auditory and visual experience和視覺上的長久美妙感受。

Tailor-made for comfort做
IE 600 packs excellent quality sound into a compact and ergonomic product. Gold-plated MMCX interface is embedded in the casing to improve connection stability and guidance. Supports wire diameters below 4.8mm. Compatible with various audio sources and balanced output. The wire core of high-fidelity equipment is reinforced with para-aramid material. Two types of wires are included with the machine. They are equipped with a 3.5mm unbalanced interface and a 4.4mm balanced interface. The wire product equipped with a 2.5mm balanced interface needs to be purchased separately. The included silicone and The ear pads are made of two kinds of memory foam, each available in three sizes: large, medium and small, suitable for various ear shapes. Flexible and adjustable ear hooks further enhance the comfort of long-term wearing.強了長時間佩戴使用的舒適度。

Package included:
IE 600 in-ear headphones
Unbalanced para-aramid reinforced cable with 3.5mm connector
Balanced para-aramid reinforced cable with 4.4mm connector
3 pairs of silicone ear adapters (S, M, L)
3 pairs of foam ear adapters (S, M, L)
Premium carry case
Cable clip, Cleaning tool
Presentation box with signed customer certificate User manuals

product specifications
Impedance 18 Ω system impedance抗
Transduction principle single moving coil driver pressure chamber腔體
Weight does not include headphone cable 6g per side邊6g
Warranty periodGlobal 2-year warranty修
Connector Fidelity + MMCXMCX
Frequency response 4 46500 Hz 赫茲
Sound pressure level 118dB at 1 kHz1 VrmsdB
Wearing method: ear canal type式
Cord length 125 cmm
Attenuation 25 dB貝
Unique technology dual-chamber absorber system)
The ZR01 amorphous zirconium metal shell made of 3D printing technology is made in Germany.製造
THD total harmonic distortion <0.06% 1 kHz 94 dB4 分貝)

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