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Sennheiser hd 650 headphones

Sennheiser hd 650 headphones

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product description

~Original Hong Kong licensed product with 2-year warranty from Hong Kong agents養~

The high-fidelity sound HD 650 is currently the top model in open dynamic design. It is developed from the award-winning HD 600. Featuring improved materials and better sound reproduction, the HD 650 captures the user with expressiveness and emotion. while maintaining absolute accuracy and lifelike quality to enjoy perfect sound.的聲音吧。

  • Strict quality control system (1 dB), all hand-selected選
  • Highly optimized neodymium magnet system minimizes harmonic and intermodulation distortion小
  • High quality titanium color/silver appearance
  • Specially developed damping components are made of metal mesh with excellent acoustic characteristics to ensure precise damping of the entire diaphragm surface and consistency in various climates持一致。
  • Specially adapted detachable cable made of highly conductive OFC copper wire Very low contact noise觸噪聲
  • Ultra-light aluminum coil ensures excellent instantaneous response
  • Gold-plated 6.3mm plug with 3.5mm conversion plug頭

feature of product
Highly optimized magnet system
The HD 650 features very low harmonic distortion and precise sound reproduction across the entire frequency response range, delivering pure bass and balanced mids and highs ensuring realistic sound reproduction.聲音再現。

Specially developed acoustic mesh
Innovative technology and exquisite craftsmanship The specially developed acoustic mesh ensures precise and consistent damping throughout the entire frequency response range, thereby reducing the total harmonic distortion index to a rare 0.05%.05%。

Light aluminum coil
The lightweight aluminum coil ensures excellent transient response while the neodymium magnet ensures higher coil efficiency for a superior listening experience.體驗。

High quality titanium silver surface
The oval design is ergonomic and more comfortable to wear. The high-quality titanium silver finish interprets classic aesthetics and high-quality technical connotation.術內涵。

Detachable headphone cable
Superior sound transmission Headphone cable is detachable and made from highly conductive OFC copper wire for very low contact noise觸噪聲。

wearing method

Frequency response

sound pressure level

THD total harmonic distortion真
< 0,05%

Contact pressure

6.3 mm / 3.5mm stereo gold-plated plug

Line length
3m detachable OFC copper cable纜

Nominal impedance

Weight does not include headphone cable線)
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