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Satin Audio

Satin Audio Apollo 4x/6x/8x

Satin Audio Apollo 4x/6x/8x

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An important detail to keep in mind is the search for the most recognizable name that might best express this amazing wire. We have finally met the name of the god of music.字 -ApolloApollocredited as the inventor of the flute and the ancient lyre and that's what makes us unique的ApolloCable Splitter Inspiration This uniquely designed lyre-shaped cable splitter has been designed several times for門為ApolloIt is born from the combination of wires由CNCAnodized aluminum is crafted into these incredible lyre splitters器

forApolloWire for more fabulous colors。

Leave your own mark on the wire

we provide in Apollo The option to engrave your initials and numbers on the lyre of the splitter makes,使Apollounquestionably yours now在 Satin Audio Cables - Apollo

Carrying the owner's message and personality forever becomes a limited edition of your own creation版。

Satin Special Structure II

Has always been exclusive to the flagship cableZeusofSatin Special Structure II,Now officially applied to Apollo。it is fromSatin Special Structuresand Type 4 Litz developed so that in addition to having the same有與 Type 4 Litz In addition to the similar characteristics, the new structure has also been developed into a strand layer – Geometria 

The outer layer consists of SP-OCC Stranded bundles of material are made of the next layer which is covered by a composite support structure覆蓋Kevlar Damping Core。These inner strands are larger than the outer ones which is why we can call them為Geōmetria Multi-sized Stranded Satin Special Structures III。Each inner and outer strand is covered with insulating material to prevent oxidation. Finally, this structure brings better signal transmission efficiency and better insulation effect.絕緣效果。

Another notable highlight is the26AWG+The wire gauge structure has been modified and the same wire gauge size is larger and the signal transmission is better更好。Medusa III conductor cross-sectional area than its predecessor Medusa II Much larger for better signal quality in audiophile setups量。


Best Conductive Terminals:

As a high-end product line focused on optimizing signal transmission each個 Perseus Both use the highest quality plugs and pins are well made and we use our own developed的 Satin 2-Pin TeCu/PEEK and MMCX TeCu/Teflon Has a very high transmission index,IACS Gundam 93%,while the common use of other brands IACS 27% brass pin。

As for the plug,Satin Also carefully selected the best plugs on the market including palladium plated鈀 ULTIMATE Copper99.9% made of pure copper的 2.5mm/3.5mm Satin Plugs for excellent transmission efficiency Normally copper will be softer than brass but use,但使用 ULTIMATE COPPER,Despite its very high purity it still has the same durability as brass We also use the famous名的 Pentaconn branded 4.4mm plug it by由 OFC made of copper這 3 types of 2.5mm/3.5mm/4.4mm The plugs are all made in Japan and have an excellent transmission index compared to ordinary brass plugs from other brands only只有 IACS 27%compared to,IACScan be as high as 100%-101%

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