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Rolling force

Rolling Force Mercury – Mercury (Mercury)

Rolling Force Mercury – Mercury (Mercury)

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Brilliant Poison

Rolling ForceBrand new flagship lineMercury

Pico EntertainmentIt is a company specializing in the development of portable audio products. It has two brands:為Pico Audio (Focus on the development of portable headphone amplifiers)andRolling Force (Focus on the development of headphone cables)

Rolling ForceasPico AudioIn addition to focusing on different product focus, the biggest difference between the brother brands is that the product development target is different.不同,Rolling ForceMainly to develop popular portable audio products to benefit more players with more affordable prices and high-quality products家。

exist2021years we bring來3first wireColaZebraandBlade3This cable also emphasizes that the sound-first production concept has unlimited possibilities. After the first product has been well received by users, we feel that the brand still lacks a clear symbol, a must-buy voice. After continuous exploration and trial, we finally came to our conclusion. s answer出我們的答案‧2022new flagship lineMercury



Brilliant Poison

Mercury mercury(HG),Is a highly toxic liquid metal silvery white shiny heavy liquid form is very beautiful美麗。Rolling ForcebyMercuryThe name is a new symbol of the brand, which means a gorgeous poisonous hope. The appearance is bright and beautiful, and the sound is also full of poison.滿毒性。

MercuryIt is used with four-pair independent grounding and shielding structure wires.用4NGold plated sterling silver spindle with5NOxygen-free copper silver plated shield(Litz Gold Plated 4N Pure Silver (Core) & Litz Silver Plated 5N LCOFC (Shield))。Also because the use of Leeds technology can effectively reduce the skin effect and proximity effect, the main shaft uses pure silver wire core gold plating made in Taiwan, in addition to the characteristics of high resolution and wide sound field, but also because of the gold plating, it has a mellow and touching vocal performance and is more magical Coupled with the independent shielding structure, it is as comfortable as sitting at home in the middle of the night and listening to music quietly until falling asleep.至入睡那般舒服。

Four-pair independent grounding shield structure

launched inBladeSince then, I have always noticed user feedback映BladeCompared with the general upgrade line, it is still relatively hard. We have a new idea of independent grounding and shielding structure.結構』。

On the basis of the general four-stranded wire core, each of them is individually wrapped with Japanese-made special foaming material and a groundable shielding net, so that the external interference can be taken away first, so that the signal transmission is more pure純淨。

The outer skin still maintains our US custom madeSoftFlex PVCThe material is matched with the thickness of the wire diameter to achieve a soft and quiet effect果。

The harmony of magic and surging

MercuryThe main shaft is made of sterling silver wire core made in Taiwan gold-plated. In addition to the characteristics of high resolution and wide sound field, it also has a mellow and touching voice because of the gold plating. The performance is more magical, and the independent shielding structure is like sitting at home in the middle of the night. Listen to the song quietly until you fall asleep睡那般舒服。

In addition to being comfortable and relaxing, we also often listen to band-like light or pop-heavy songs in our daily life.曲(E.gJpopthat kind of),What is more difficult to balance is that the performance of the lead singer and the instrument will not affect each other. In order to achieve the desired effect, we have put a lot of effort into selecting materials, wire diameter materials and solders. The proportions and the sense of space are finely adjusted to further pursue the faint yet refreshing feeling.的感覺,百聽不厭。

Brand new accessories

We also specially designed a new color matching and a splitter with adjusted weight distribution to further improve the appearance and wearing comfort. The left and right earphones can be separated for further protection of your beloved earphones作進一步保護。

Detailed specifications:


Core thickness:23.3 AWG

wire diameter:1.6 mm

weaving method:4twisted braid

Core structure:Litz - Type 4 with shielding x 4

Core material:Litz Gold Plated 4N Pure Silver (Core)

                Litz Silver Plated 5N LCOFC (Shield)

outside    Leather custom US國SoftFlex PVC

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