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Rolling force

Rolling force blade

Rolling force blade

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Blade is a twisted pair wire with coaxial double shielding layer, using 7N single crystal copper gold plated + 5N pure silver spindle with 6N oxygen-free copper silver plated shielding layer (Litz Gold Plated 7N OCC + Litz 5N Pure Sliver for core & Litz Sliver Plated 6N LCOFC for shielding). Also due to the use of Leeds technology, the skin effect and proximity effect can be effectively reduced. In terms of intermediate frequency, the central axis uses 7N single crystal copper gold-plated + 5N sterling silver, and the vocals will be a little sweet but not greasy. The double-layer shielding can provide an ultra-quiet feeling, thus highlighting the details of the tri-band and improving the overall performance. With mid-to-high-priced headphones, it can maintain the original characteristics and have a more substantial improvement.

Core Thickness:19.7 AWG

Wire diameter:2.7 mm

Weaving method:2 twisted twists

Core structure:Litz – Type 4 coaxial double shield

Core Material:Litz Gold Plated 7N OCC + Solid Core 5N Pure Silver (Core)

Litz Silver Plated 6N LCOFC (Shield) x2

Outer skin:Customized American PVC

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