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radius TWF31 | 2DD | UIEM

radius TWF31 | 2DD | UIEM

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Radius' high-end dual dynamic earphones,Using DDM (Dual Diaphragm Matrix) two units are responsible for the mid-bass frequency and high frequency respectively, making the sound dynamic more vivid and increasing the sense of presence臨場感。

Hi-Res Headphones Doburube Anteruruu”

Doburube is a DDM system driver that divides two mid-low frequency and high frequency sounds into separate diaphragms and arranges them coaxially. Using a double-diaphragm matrix through W2 diaphragms, the sound field is wider in the mid-low frequency and high frequency range. The dynamic is richer and the sound is richer. High-definition sound reproduction even when listening to Hi-Res sources 音源,實現高清聲音再現。

Ceramic laminate piezoelectricDiaphragm

It is used to handle the fine high frequency range. Even if the small signal is input, the ceramic layer piezoelectric ceramic will clearly express the high-definition sound and air feeling.和空氣感。當When the middle and low frequencies pass through the holes on the piezoelectric diaphragm, they will overlap with the high frequencies generated by the piezoelectric diaphragm itself. The smooth diffusion of the middle and low frequencies brings out the clarity and space of the high frequencies空間感。


unit: 2 units ( moving coil Φ13.0mm +Piezo UnitΦ12.0mm )
output sensitivity:
Frequency response:

TPC Conductor Nylon Cover MMCX 3.5mm x 1

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