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PW Audio Constellation Series|Sagittarius Series|Sagittarius headphone upgrade line

PW Audio Constellation Series|Sagittarius Series|Sagittarius headphone upgrade line

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【 PWAudio new series Constellation SeriesConstellation series Kicked off by Sagittarius  
PWAudio Sagittarius' ordinary jet black outer shell is dotted with a red line. It uses PWAudio's highest level shielding specification Shielding Pro four-core four-independent shielding. The vocals are sweet but not too sweet, creating a balanced and pleasant sound. The sound field is wide and round, and the three-band connection is smooth, especially in High frequencies provide a seamless audio experience that brings out the details of your music without irritating the dynamics. The rhythm is driven by the voice rather than the low-frequency vocals, with penetration in the beat. Sagittarius provides a natural listening experience that is perfect for long listening sessions. listen然的聽感,非常適合長時間的聆聽。

Shielding Pro is currently PWAudio's highest specification shielding technology applied to Orpheus Lite. Four cores and four independent shields. The left and right positive and negative poles are each independently shielded to prevent the four poles from interfering with each other while blocking external interference.同時導絕外來干擾。

UP-OCC oxygen-free copper

Skin material
PVC and fep

Wire body specifications

Number of wire cores
4 core conductors and 4 independents shielding. Which called shielding pro

Line length

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