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PW Audio Vanquish Series|Conquer Series Athena Headphones Upgrade Line

PW Audio Vanquish Series|Conquer Series Athena Headphones Upgrade Line

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PW Audio was founded by Peter Wong in 2010. Peter is personally responsible for the development and production of cables to ensure the effect and quality of each cable. As a headphone enthusiast, he couldn't find a suitable cable on the market and saw that different cable brands were shoddy, so he established the PW Audio brand to provide high-quality headphone upgrade cables. After years of continuous improvement, PW Audio is now very popular among foreign players. In addition to Hong Kong and China, cables are sold in Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand and other places.

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The Vanquish series now inherits the structure of the seven-section series, but is instead composed of a specially treated alloy. The seven groups of wire cores inside the wire transmit information in a twisted manner, which is faster than straight-line transmission, so there is less signal loss. The conductors have been deoxidized and compressed to compress the wire cores to 0.9mm or less. Compressing the conductors makes the crystal cross-section larger. It is reduced to nearly zero to increase the current transfer rate, and the twist is tightened to further increase the transmission speed, improve sound transparency and reduce noise.

The bronze-colored Athena is the goddess of wisdom, war and art in Greek mythology. The sound of the wire expresses emotions, and the overtones and lines are just right. It can achieve a comfortable, natural and smooth feeling when performing pop music.

UP-OCC oxygen-free copper

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