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Pentaconn Wistaria|Wistaria Japan-Made Headphone Upgrade Cable

Pentaconn Wistaria|Wistaria Japan-Made Headphone Upgrade Cable

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New series of four-line arrays - Pentaconn's new RECABLE SG series

In the Head-Fi world, Pentaconn has always been popular with manufacturers and players around the world because the plugs it produces are absolutely a guarantee of confidence and quality. However, in fact, this Japanese national treasure brand and their RECABLE headphone upgrade line series are also top-notch headphones this year. The line series RECABLE SG has been updated once and four upgraded lines of Wistaria Regulus Lilium Nox are launched in one go.ilium」 、 「Nox」 四條升級線。

feature of product


The appearance is like a wisteria, using 6N OFC and silver-plated 6N OFC as conductors. The core of the 8-stranded wire uses 6NOFC in the middle low-frequency band. As for the peripheral high-frequency band, it uses silver-plated 6N OFC to achieve clear mid-low frequencies and precise and natural The high frequency and each twisted core has more than 50 core conductors to suppress the conductor resistance to the greatest extent.了導體的電阻。

Developed with the experts

The RECABLE SG series continues to be jointly developed with local professional audio wire manufacturers in Japan. Each uses different conductors and the 8-twist wire is braided in a perfect circular structure to improve flexibility and durability. Skilled craftsmen test a variety of different welding materials and Finding the best combination of welding equipment and methods not only considers the sound quality, but also takes into account corrosion resistance and electronic characteristics. 特性亦照顧到。 

Comes with signature plug accessories

Being Pentaconn's own brand, of course, the signature low-resistance OFC oxygen-free copper source plug is made of non-magnetic material. Even the gold-plated base and other metal parts are also non-magnetic, completely eliminating the impact of magnetism on transmission. In addition, Pentaconn's own design and Development experience enables the pursuit of comprehensive high sound quality while minimizing all possibilities that affect sound quality. 質的可能性減到最低。 

In addition, the weaving and welding of the wires are all made by hand. In addition to the wire conductors, in fact, even the components also have requirements to be called meticulous. The newly developed OFC processing and silver-plated splitter distributes the weight more. This reduces the possibility of friction. If combined with the independently sold Pentaconn SLIDER, the effect will be even better.DER」效果會更加 好。



6N OFC + silver plated 6N OFC 8 strand braided structure

Line length


Plug select the headphone end端)

2Pin/0.78mm/CIEMMMCXPentaconn EarStandardPentaconn EarVariant for IE400/IE500E500)

Plug selection source end端)


Made in Japan

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