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In order to take into account both high sound quality and wire core softness and hardness, the latest Spada uses Pentaconn original wire core using PC-Triple C technology to achieve high conductivity and acoustic properties.特性。

The ability to analyze sound orientation, its meticulous and forthright personality, and its extremely rich details. The notes are clear and fine, and the vertical sound field is close to the ears. Spada can be called a colorless reference grade super-class cable.級數的超班線材!!

The plug uses the highest type OFC oxygen-free copper plug designed and developed by Pentaconn, which brings more natural and higher-resolution sound to the wire.率的聲音。

PC -Triple C Pure Copper - Continuous Crystal Structure Continuous Crystal High Purity Oxygen-Free Copper度無氧銅):
PC-Triple C is used to achieve high conductivity and acoustic properties by minimizing the grain boundaries that hinder signal flow and making the crystal continuous. This is an original wire core made in Japan. The sound is better than Pentaconn OFC through rigorous production structure and material adjustment such as jacket. Plug best matches 插頭最匹配。

◆In-house designed components
Adopting a newly developed low-profile plug body and shunt parts that focus on operability and durability. You can use it comfortably by reducing the pressure when carrying it.用它。

◆Commitment to Solder
Skilled craftsmen examine multiple types of solder and choose the best one. At the same time we look for the best soldering equipment and methods that not only sound good but also have good corrosion resistance and electrochemical properties.性也很好。

◆ Made in Japan
This product is handcrafted by Pentaconn's manufacturing staff from cable braiding to soldering接。
The welding process in particular is carried out by skilled in-house staff. We pay special attention to high quality manufacturing.製造。

◆Series lineup
Input side Φ4.4mm 5-pole plug Φ3.5mm 3-pole plug插頭
Output side pentagonal lug standard pentagonal lug deformation CIEM 2PINMMCXPIN、MMCX
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