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ORB Brilliant force headphone cable [display]

ORB Brilliant force headphone cable [display]

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product description

  • With the pursuit of high quality, the Clear force series headphone cable launched by ORB in Japan has always been well received. The brand's first use of silver-plated copper conductor headphone cables to bring sound quality to a higher level質帶到更高境界!


  • ORB's top headphone cable, Brilliant force, uses the most advanced materials to make the wire core is silver-plated 4N OFC copper wire. The silver-plated high-purity copper material has excellent conductivity.性能,Retain the richest sound details sockets use CINQBES9 produced in JapanS」99.9% pure copper socket high hardness 3N grade copper has the same hardness as brass度,A layer of nickel Nickel is plated under the gold-plated socketl),Helps to eliminate the interference of electromagnetic waves on the signal. Brilliant force has more details than ever before.細節,You can hear the subtle changes of the sound more clearly, the sound is oily and the sound becomes more comfortable舒服、More enduring is a comprehensive sublimation華。


  • As ORB's highest-end headphone cable, Brilliant force has the most rigorous quality control. Only the most experienced in the ORB factory到的Two top craftsmen are responsible for welding, the output is limited and the precious headphone cable is the most popular.普及的3.5mm TRS version, 2.5mm TRRS balanced version and audiophile-grade 4.4mm Pentaconn balanced version. The interchangeable earphones that support MMCX2-pin CM plug are enough for music fans who use different brands of earphones and DAPs.AP的樂迷

Product Specifications

  • Silver-plated 4N OFC copper wire線
  • Plug (Headphone)MMCX2-pin CMCM
  • Plug (source)4.4mm Pentaconn2.5mm TRRS3.5mm TRSTRS
  • Line length 1.2mm
  • Made in Japan
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